Suzlon Crosses 15 GW in Wind Power Installations Worldwide

Suzlon Group, one of the global pioneers in wind energy from India, has announced that it has crossed 15,000 MW (15 GW) of cumulative wind installations worldwide. This is a significant milestone for a company that originated just 15 years ago as a small, India-based operation, and today accounts for nearly nine percent of the world’s total wind energy installations. In pure environmental terms, this capacity offsets 27 million tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e) each year, which is equivalent to planting 1.3 billion trees.

Speaking on this stellar achievement of Suzlon, Mr. Tulsi R. Tanti, the visionary founder and chairman of Suzlon Energy Limited, said: “This landmark signifies the growing acceptance and importance of wind in the global energy mix, and Suzlon’s role in bringing that about. Global wind energy potential is estimated at 72,000 GW – more than four times the current world energy consumption – and we have barely scraped the surface. Harnessing this potential means providing for a clean, green future, sustainable livelihoods, and very importantly – energy security.”

Research and development is a critical component of Suzlon’s business. The company has, over the years, set up advanced facilities for R&D of composite wind turbine technology in Denmark and Germany, aerodynamic development in the Netherlands, Denmark and India, and a number of engineering centers across India. Its strength lies in the creation of an expert global workforce of more than 13,000 employees in 32 countries, leveraging local talent in each country, and equipping them with the latest techniques and technologies.

Suzlon has expanded globally, while continuing to maintain a strong presence in India. It accounts for almost 50 percent of the country’s total wind power capacity, with installations across eight states and 40 windfarm locations. The company has built one of the world’s largest windparks in India’s Kutch region, with an installed base capacity of 806 MW. Suzlon also continues to remain involved in community development activities in India through the Suzlon Foundation. The foundation has partnered with experienced non-profit organizations and governmental agencies to implement more than 120 projects, which directly benefit 33,000 vulnerable families in 466 villages across India.

Tulsi R. Tanti, a man whose vision has made a significant impact on the world’s serious need for green energy alternatives, was recently conferred the title “Wind Visionary of Asia” by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Tulsi Tanti has created a highly profitable global enterprise and made a compelling case for wind energy as a viable business across the world. ADB has shown a keen desire to explore options to support a quantum leap in wind power development in Asia for sustainable growth. Tulsi Tanti and Suzlon’s recognition from ADB underscores the importance of wind power for Asia, and how it is poised to simultaneously address the key global challenges of energy security, climate change and affordable energy access for all.

Photo Credit: FerrF