Swimming Holes- A Refreshing Idea for Responsible Travel

Swimming HoleResponsible travel does not have to be an afterthought when planning a refreshing summer vacation.  Instead of flocking to overcrowded resorts and ecosystem- exhausting water parks, why not consider an environmentally conscious trip to a refreshing swimming hole? Often times, sustainable travel requires abandoning conventional methods of entertainment to embrace and respect nature. There is no better way to do so than to venture to a beautiful swimming hole. Since the idea of typing “swimming hole” in a GPS is a disenchanting task, some environmentally conscious companies have done the work for you.

While there are a number of notable websites dedicated to locating the best swimming holes in North America, swimmingholes.org is superb. The homepage provides a plethora of information regarding swimming holes including definitions of what constitutes as a “swimming hole” and telling pictures of featured swimming holes. Visitors can click on any state province located on the map to view all swimming hole options available in that particular location. There are a number of links for camping, canoeing, hiking, and other outdoor activities that maintain the integrity of responsible travel.

Swimmingholes.org also realizes that responsible travel must be safe for both the environment as well as travelers. Their safety tips go far beyond hackneyed admonishments. There is detailed information about snakes, alligators, and rope swings.  From proper footwear to large river currents, swimminghole.org provides the right safety information to insure that your responsible travel is safe travel as well.

The special element of swimmingholes.org is its community involvement. The database includes every known swimming hole in both the United States as well as Canada primarily from swimming hole enthusiasts. Living in a sustainable fashion often requires helping one another, and this website is proof of the need for community in responsible travel. In addition to building the swimming hole data base, community members are invited to share their tips, experiences, and photos from past trips. They are also invited to adopt a swimming hole. Such community involvement promotes caring and protecting these precious natural recluses for generations to come.

While taking a dip in a swimming hole is an environmentally friendly travel activity, the environmental transgressions of others must be taken into consideration. Pipelines carrying hazardous materials may be buried deep underground, unseen by the naked eye, but those materials can lurk in swimming holes. Methane is a common invisible danger that is can be harmful for humans. This danger makes websites like swimmingholes.org even more important. The strong community presence allows visitors to warn other visitors of potential hazards before it is too late.

Venturing to swimming holes is gaining traction as a popular and adventurous way to have fun while treating the environment with respect. Instead of relying on a voice automated GPS, consider visiting and supporting online endeavors such as swimminghole.org. Not only will you get a more organic, human-to-human experience, but you will promote a business that is aware that some of the best times to be had can be had in nature.

Photo Credit:  Keepitsurreal