TangaReef Dives Into Sustainability

A Helsinki-based company wants to help preserve the world’s oceans’ health, one diver at a time. TangaReef is a new online booking service that helps experienced and novice divers to find dive centers in popular holiday destinations. They are ranked according to quality, safety and ecological criteria. Dive centers with stricter environmental practices and those that attract higher customer ratings jump to the front of the booking line.

The service was launched on World Oceans Day (June 8), and just before Rio+20, where the state of the world’s oceans is one of the main topics. “Oceans are essential for all life on planet earth, but overfishing, pollution and climate change threaten the marine ecosystem,” TangaReef said in its official release.

Besides prioritizing green diving centers, TangaReef donates a portion of every booking made to renowned organizations that help local communities to establish and enforce marine protected areas. The company said that creating sufficiently large such areas is widely regarded as the most important and urgent step to preserve the diversity of marine life.

The logic is simple: the higher the number of marine protected areas to become attractive destinations for eco divers, the more ecological tourism to those destinations will increase, with gains for local businesses and communities.

Sustainable and socially responsible travel is a growing market segment as more travellers want to have a positive impact on the local communities they visit. The number of travel companies adding the prefix “eco” to their marketing is daunting, therefore the traveller should take a few steps to make sure they make the right choices. This article offers some very useful tips on how to do that.

Image credit: TangaReef