Technology: Apps To Get You Out Of The Airport

‘Let it snow, let snow, let it snow’ and that’s what’s been happening here in the UK and as a result travel has been brutal with delayed or cancelled flight, making people late for Christmas; that is, if you even make it out of the airport. So, trying to put a silver lining on things here is how technology through some apps for smartphones is hopefully helping you tackle some of the airport anxiety. Before you leave home take a moment to download a few of these to help you navigate your way out of the airport.

Okay you are now at the airport, here are the flight technology survival apps FlightTrack ($4.99/£3.23)allows you to plug in your flight number or route to learn your flight’s status, gate and aircraft type. A delay forecast offers a quick snapshot of the flight’s on-time percentage to help you anticipate delays.

Next Flight( $2.99/£1.93) Want to be sure you beat the scrum to a seat on the next flight out when yours is cancelled then use this piece of technology and download this for a list of available nonstop flights from more than 1,200 carriers for the current and following day. You can drill down to the flight details for terminal and gate information so you don’t have to elbow your way to a monitor at the airport amid the chaos.

GateGuru (free) - This technology can help you find your way around more than 100 airports in the United States, Canada and London so you can easily determine if there is another Starbucks after security or if you need to grab that coffee now. If your flight is delayed, you can quickly find the airport bar. User ratings and photos can help avoid unappealing restaurants or those with poor service. Coming soon is an updated version with 10 European airports, trip management features and security wait times.

TripIt (free)- This automatic technology travel organizer lets you forward travel confirmation e-mails from more than 3,000 sites to one place and creates a master itinerary that can be accessed from your Android, BlackBerry or iPhone, synced to your calendar and shared with friends. An upgrade to TripIt Pro ($49/£31 a year but available free for a 30-day trial) not only alerts you to flight delays or cancellations, among other features, but also generates a list of flight options, with status and available seats for each flight, when you need a new route to your destination, fast.

Okay I have thrown this one for the mums and dads; Old MacDonald ($1.99/£1.29). It is popular iPhone app that will keep your toddler occupied with colourful, interactive illustrations and songs. Visit the farm where you can shear a sheep, push a tractor, flip a cow or make a chicken cluck. Record your own duet or listen to the song sung in five languages. All this leaves me to say is happy travel and happy holidays.