Technology Now Playing a Role in the Indian Bachelor's Life

Technology is now playing a role in the Indian bachelor’s life through a website called Bharat Matrimony, which has a new service called ‘Biwi Ho Toh Aisi' (BHTA) which means, ‘A Wife Worth Having’ in partnership with WebChutney targeted at unmarried men in search of their perfect soul mate. BHTA is simple and extremely engaging, giving single Indian men a chance to choose their ‘virtual wife’ from a list of characters that closely resemble dynamic real-life personalities; a peek into the type of wife they would like as a life partner; a unique opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to be married.

Murugavel Janakiraman, Founder and CEO of Bharat Matrimony, says, “As part of our constant effort to innovate the way systematic matrimonial searches are made, BHTA offers individuals a flavour of married life while still allowing them to relax from the busy work schedule as they get a partner to share their normal day-to-day routine. It is a different take on traditional methods to allow you to make an informed choice.” Indian culture is getting a helping hand from technology as arranged marriages are very much a part of society.

Users log on with a special code and then embark on a voyage of personal interaction that revolves around his daily life in five easy steps. The website uses technology that allows the men to select their ‘virtual wife’ from a list, where each on the list has a unique character and style of speaking. This gives the user an actual feel of being married to a woman and the interactions with the virtual wife happen through a simple reminder service that the user subscribes to for use on his mobile phone. The reminders range from loving ones to eat lunch or breakfast to filling the spouse in on the latest soaps or gossip, or simply for that romantic just-like-that call, the virtual wife is always there for her ‘husband’.

India’s love of technology means it has over 100 matrimonial websites, with a projected growth rate of 120 per cent and with over 20 million registered users, BharatMatrimony has successfully completed 13 years in the field of online matrimony and has a consistent success rate of getting people together in marriage. It has kept BharatMatrimony ahead of all competition.

Unfortunately, though there is no similar technology for the single Indian women. Bharat Matrimony may not exactly be an accurate way to pick the kind of woman you want to marry but none the less, it is a creative way to encourage men to step forward and sign up to find a virtual wife.

Photo Credit: dod_anji