The City of Philadelphia and Recyclebank Awarded for Building a More Sustainable City

The City of Philadelphia and Recyclebank have earned a prestigious recognition for their combined efforts towards building a more sustainable city. The United States Conference of Mayors has chosen their partnership for its “Outstanding Award in Public/Private Partnerships.” The award is an acknowledgement of the partnership’s success in its commitment towards greater recycling participation by the local community and diverting more waste from landfills.

Philadelphia’s Mayor Michael A. Nutter said: “As Philadelphia strives to be the greenest city in America, we are focused on forging partnerships that help us reach our sustainability goals, increase community engagement and stimulate the local economy. In working with us to create Philadelphia Recycling Rewards, Recyclebank has been a strong partner and has helped Philadelphia to reach new heights of urban sustainability and national environmental leadership.”

The U.S. Conference of Mayors instituted these public/private partnership excellence awards to recognize the achievements of the partnerships between the cities and the members of the Mayors Business Council across the country.

Erika Diamond, vice president of community solutions at Recyclebank, said: “Philadelphia’s strides in building a more sustainable and smarter city is testament to the impact that partnerships between public entities and private corporations can create. By rewarding residents for taking more everyday green actions like recycling, Philadelphia has increased recycling rates in the face of stagnant national average rates and helped residents realize the financial benefits of making more sustainable choices.”

The City of Philadelphia made a renewed commitment to sustainability in the spring of 2007 when it decided to expand its recycling program and switch over to a single-stream system of recycling. In the pursuit of its sustainability goals, the city entered into a partnership with Recyclebank in 2010, and offered more than half a million households the chance to earn rewards for recycling at home with its program Philadelphia Recycling Rewards. The partnership has also raised education and awareness for recycling with an aim to bring about recycling behavior change in the community.

Photo Credit: Ambrozjo