The Disney Channel Spreads Environmental Awareness Along With Their Toons

In an effort to instill environmental awareness in the younger generation, Disney has created the Friends for Change campaign. Yes, between Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers episodes there are now green infused segments with these same tween sensations touting the words of Mother Nature and doing what we can to preserve our planet. The future of course does rest in the tiny hands of these very same kids tuning in, and a part of being a responsible adult is passing on life lessons and important causes for them to support. Environmental awareness is one such worthy cause and if it takes some Disney starlettes to motivate eco-friendly efforts so be it.

The Disney Friends for Change and Project Green has already inspired environmental awareness in these youths and in return select schools and programs are then featured on these Disney Channel segments. One such group has worked to rebuild their region after the a tragic wildfire, another class is supporting World Ocean’s Day and cleaning out Lake Michigan, and there are even events where kids can join Disney Channel stars to plant trees. There are actually a lot of ways that the Friends for Change is implementing environmental awareness to their avid viewers and on multiple levels.

The way the program works is you can log in to the website at and from there you will see all the action that is going on across US and globe, upcoming events, results on previous eco-friendly actions, and plenty of tips to green up your own daily lives and communities. There is a section to pledge specific actions in tune with environmental awareness such as: preserving water, cutting back on car trips, recycling, and more. It’s neat in that there is a running tally that tracks how many are pledging to take certain actions which can be motivating to the younger ones; seeing they are joining up with a growing group. One of the main messages here is that every person can make a difference and united they are a strong force.

On a bigger level the Friends for Change is also running a contest to award special groups working worldwide towards environmental awareness and spreading the green word a grant of $1 million. There are the Jane Goodall Institute, the World Wildlife Fund, the San Bernardino National Forest Association, and others; kids can then read about each group and place their vote for their favorite one. Again there is the running ticker to show who is leading the contest. This push for environmental awareness is a positive way Disney can use its mega-influence in the youth of today between slapstick cartoons and tweenie shows. Any program that spurs kids, or even adults too, to get out there and make a difference is worth backing; what’s more is that it is a springboard for other communities to jump-start their own eco-friendly movements. Stories have been featured of kids inspired to create their own groups and enlist their friends to do good…in a corny way, the little “make a wave” mantra speaks volumes. And wouldn’t you know it Demi Levato and the Joe Bro’s took it and capitalized…who better to sing an eco-themed song to get those kids chanting?

Photo credit: Raymond Brown