The Epic Organic Rap Battle Between Stonyfield Farms and Honest Tea Is On - Join In!

The way we eat and what we drink is not working.  Obesity rates in children and adults continue to increase in America. A recent Cancer Panel reported that cancer rates are increasing throughout the world, and predicted that as many as 41% of Americans might one day become cancer patients. Even more sad is the research that shows that babies come pre-polluted. Studies of umbilical cord blood of newborn babies indicated that babies are born with over 300 contaminants (e.g. industrial chemicals, consumer product ingredients, pesticides and pollutants from burning fossil fuels) in their blood.  What we need is to change how we eat and drink, as well as how we consume our natural resources.

However, change is always hard.  For new patterns of behaviors to replace old patterns of behaviors, a whole host of parameters need to be overcome, not the least of which is inertia.  Research and mounting evidence shows that to implement effective change, we all need arguments that appeal to our rational side, and appeal to our emotional side.  This is exactly what Gary Hirshberg (Ce-Yo of Stonyfield Farms, owned by Danone), and Seth Goldman (TeaEO of Honest Tea, owned by Coca-Cola) are doing in their new Organic Rap Battle.

Seth Goldman's 'Rethink What You Drink' - Unveiled at the University of Maryland Social Enterprise Symposium last Thursday, this video is all about helping us better understand than when it comes to drinks, we better go beyond what we see and taste.  Did you know that while an undergraduate at Harvard, Goldman co-founded a rap band called the 'Educated Devastators'?  An MBA from Yale and a multi-million honest company later, here he is, using his rap talent to send us this important message. Goldman's video is a response to Gary Hirshberg's 'Just Eat Organic' video, which, let's just say, is of a very different style. To see these videos go to!

Their message is clear 'you are what you eat and drink'.  We are all voting with every single dollar you spend.   Solutions to our obesity pandemic clearly need to go beyond producing smaller soda cans (as suggested by PepsiCo).  As responsible consumers, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves and others about the social and environmental consequences of what we choose to buy and consume.  And it's sure easier to change when the message is as fun as what Hirshberg and Goldman have put together.

These videos are only a starting point for a broader conversation and movement you can participate in. Start by directing your own video, and post it on In the process of having fun, being creative, and promoting organic food/drinks, you can also win 1 month of free tea and yogourt! So go ahead and join this organic revolution that gets business done better!