The Greenest Soda

<p>When it comes to <a href="">food and drink consumption</a>, Americans take the cake.&nbsp; The average American drinks 37.5 gallons of soda every year - as a country, we drank 14.7 billion gallons in 2007.&nbsp; Of course, that number in and of itself has many implications for one's teeth and one's <a href="">overall health</a>, but beyond that, soda drinking has significant impacts on resource consumption.</p>
<p>It is estimated that to make every can of soda, it takes 4 to 10 gallons of water.&nbsp; And what about the bottles and cans?&nbsp; 65 billion aluminum soda cans are used each year and two million plastic bottles are used every five minutes.</p>
<p>But if you're a pop drinker, don't start fretting too much yet.&nbsp; There are quite a few ways that you can <a href="">green your soda habit</a> (besides simply cutting back), like drinking <a href="">natural and organic soda</a> or carbonating your own beverages.&nbsp; And of course, if you need a baby step, there's always the option to bring along a reusable cup when opting for a fountain drink.</p>
<p>On a larger scale, the organic beverage industry is growing at a rapid clip.&nbsp; In 2007, <a href="">Research and Markets</a> reported that the market had grown to $1.3 billion in the US.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Beyond that, some of the big players are getting in on the action too.&nbsp; You might be surprised to learn that Pepsi has just launched two separate websites dedicated to its eco-activity.&nbsp; and are focused all around helping consumers educate themselves and rise to the challenge of greening their soda consumption.&nbsp;</p>
<p><a href="">Greenwashing</a>, you ask?&nbsp; Actually, PepsiCo has set goals to "reduce water consumption by 20%, electricity consumption by 20% and fuels consumption by 25% per unit of production by 2015."&nbsp; They also operate a few different LEED certified buildings and have solar panels installed at six Frito-Lay distribution centers and at an Arizona service center.&nbsp; There's certainly a long way to go but my hat's off to their efforts so far.</p>