The UK's Big Society Launches & Broadband Is Key To Its Success

David Cameron, British PM

Before David Cameron, the British Prime Minister set off on his all important trip to the US to meet his counterpart President Obama; he launched the Big Society in the UK on July 19. The aim of the Big Society’s is to help people to feel free and powerful enough to help themselves and their own communities, and one of its main initiatives is to roll out broadband throughout the country.

The Big Society proposal has pushed the UK’s broadband issue back into the limelight and the new government is determined to make it happen! Rural communities have fought for years to have access to broadband. However, telecom companies have argued that the economic incentive to invest in the infrastructure of rural areas hasn’t been there because there would be too few customers to justify the capital investment. Things seems to be changing and residents of Rutland raised £37,000 ($56,776.50) to launch their own broadband network for 200 homes after telecom firms said it wasn't worthwhile to invest there.
Before Cameron became PM he always openly spoke about Britain’s digital revolution and how broadband would change the way people work, do business and the potential is has to completely change the economy. He believes that through broadband new markets for our creative industries would open up, promoting innovation, creating new, family-friendly jobs as people can work from home - helping reduce carbon emissions. Cameron has spoken openly about Britain having some of the slowest broadband speeds in the developed world and that the country needs to move faster.
The Big Society is just the start of Cameron’s vision as he has also appointed Martha Lane Fox, CEO, and e-commerce business woman on June 18 as the UK Digital Champion. Ms Lane Fox has the remit to encourage as many people as possible to go online; improving the convenience and efficiency of public services by driving online delivery – a real cultural shift. Cameron acknowledges the transformation he is seeking will not happen overnight, but it is a beginning.
I do believe that as the Big Society takes root and power is given back to local communities, they will start to feel empowered to bring about the changes they know their communities need and in all this communications will be key to making it all work, which is why broadband will be vital and am sure communities will fight for it. As for Cameron I think this will be the first of many steps taken by this government to engage with the electorate using the tails of the digital revolution to get on board; I am sure that very soon David Cameron will be known as ‘Digital Dave’...and remember you heard that here first.

Photo credit: wikipedia