The World’s Largest Solar Powered Hospital Opens in Haiti

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – The introduction of solar energy to Haiti is bringing transformation to one of the poorest countries in the world, where electricity is a rare commodity and most of the population relies on kerosene oil for light. The world’s largest solar powered hospital has recently opened its doors in Haiti, which is showing to the world how solar power can bring hope and change to the world’s less privileged communities.

The hospital, equipped with an array of 1,800 solar panels, is not only saving lives in Haiti, but also saving the environment in this small, but very beautiful part of the world. Haiti’s dwindling forest cover, which became the only source for light and heat for many people, can be restored with solar power. The new solar powered hospital facility is demonstrating what miracles are possible with the power of the sun.

The hospital has been opened by the joint efforts of Partners in Health, an organization dedicated to bringing modern health care to the developing regions of the world, along with Haiti’s health ministry. In the first few months of its operation, the solar mounted panels on the hospital’s rooftops have been able to produce enough electricity to make treatment possible for more than 60,000 patients. Nearly 1,000 births have been facilitated as well since the hospital opened.

Conventional power is beyond the affordable range of more than 80 percent of the Haitians, and is environmentally unsustainable. In this situation, the solar powered hospital is showing a new model of affordable and sustainable power for the citizens of Haiti. Solarpowered WakaWaka Lamps have been introduced in more than 1,000 homes in Haiti with the backing of Off-Grid Solutions and Clinton Global Initiative.

The popularity of solar powered lamps is making experts believe that the idea of bringing economic and social change in Haiti with solar power is not as far-fetched as it might seem. The Haitian government is also ready to recognize the potential of solar energy, and is already planning to build a large-scale manufacturing facility for solar lamps. Some social investors are also looking at the possibility of expansion of the test pre-pay micro grid with solar powered systems.

Source: Green Optimistic

Image Credit: Flickr via tomyjezura