Top 3 Social Media Trends: What's Hot?

breast-cancerNow that I have vented some of my ‘resident’ annoyances with social media, I hereby present a list of what I think is notable. Lately, everyone is doing their part and sharing what they deem important to make the world a better place using social media networks- which I feel is the right way to go. So, what are some people I admire saying about what is worthy of being talked over social networks right now?

# 3 Nicholas Kristof, NYTimes "simply amazing"  journalist says on his Facebook page:

“I was struck to see the State Department Tweeting and blogging about sexual violence: Partly that's Sec. Clinton's stamp. But I think it also reflects the rise of a new global agenda that is less about great power relations and more about human rights concerns and trans-national issues, from human trafficking to narcotics to terrorism. These are the emerging int'l issues that are discussed at State or the Council on Foreign Relations, and not so much Vladimir Putin or Japan-US relations. It's a new world out there.”

#2 Christopher Burgess, Author/ Speaker/Humanitarian/Senior Security Advisor and my Twitter friend says on his blog, Veritate et Virtute:

“Today marks the beginning of National Cyber Security Awareness Month in the United States.  I urge you to take a moment each day to educate yourself, your family, your colleagues on the need to be vigilant, proactive and engaged with respect to protecting your online persona and also your business.

During the month, a wide variety of corporations and non-profit organizations will be providing their input on how you may keep both your family and business safe, online.  I too shall be engaging in a bit of daily education with respect to online safety which I believe fall into the category of "low hanging fruit."  Or put slightly differently, easy steps you can take which require little or no technical skill to implement.”

#1 Patricia Gras, Senior Producer at HoustonPBS and one of my mentors who always had faith in me, makes a plea on her Facebook page in lieu of Breast Cancer Awareness Month for the Komen Houston Race for the Cure® today:

“We need YOUR help!!! Help us raise money to for RACE FOR THE CURE!! We are asking all that can to donate $1.00!! Together we each can make a big difference!! “

“This fall I will be participating in the Komen Houston Race for the Cure®. I am taking an extra step and raising additional funds in the fight against breast cancer. Will you join me in this fight? 
Every 68 seconds, somewhere in the world, a woman dies from breast cancer - the most prevalent cancer among women today. The Komen Houston Race for the Cure® raises money to fund education, screening and treatment programs in our community and supports national cutting-edge research in hopes of finding the cures. In addition, the Race celebrates breast cancer survivorship and honors those who have lost their battle with the disease.”

I hope we can do our share and put social media resources to its best use like the people above and leave the world better than we found it. Thanks for letting me share this with you!

Note: Please do watch for the hash tag #NCSAM within twitter to set up an alert within your favorite search engine for "National Cyber Security Awareness Month" to obtain the latest pieces from both the private and public sector.

Photo Credit: Audrey