Top Certifier of Sustainable Travel Opens New Paris Office

EarthCheck, one of the world's top providers of certifications for the sustainable travel and tourism industry, will be opening up an office in Paris, France.

The office opening was announced following impressive company growth in Europe.

The company is optimistic about the future, as they point to the financial benefits of sustainable business operations as a major draw for any company.

EarthCheck currently has around 1,100 clients in 65 countries worldwide. The company carries out benchmarking and certification activities for the operational practices of companies.

It is the largest environmental management system in use in the tourism and travel industry, but also offers programs for schools, businesses, and community organizations.

EarthCheck works with companies to create and manage reports on where wastage is occurring in their day to day operations. They help clients reduce their consumption of natural resources, effectively saving the companies money and leaving a lighter environmental footprint.

The company serves clients such as InterContinental Hotels Group, ACCOR, Sandals Hotels and Resorts, Langham Hotels International, Banyan Tree, and Carlson Asia Pacific. Their products are available in English, French, Spanish, and German with plans to add additional languages.

"Optimal performance is the dream of every business manager, regardless of which company they operate in," said Helen Feustel, the new head of the Paris office.

"EarthCheck brings about triple bottom line gains and helps reduce carbon emissions. Twenty to 30 percent savings are common place in the first year of application, so it's little wonder that market leaders have been quick to the uptake."

After spending a decade studying companies in the tourism and travel industry, EarthCheck developed their own Baseline and Best Practices measurements to evaluate companies from.

The company then helps train employees and management to implement practices to improve their efficiency.

They comply with the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC), Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories, The World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and the International Organization for Standardization 14064 range of standards for greenhouse gas accounting.

The fact that EarthCheck is selling its online management services and consulting, while simultaneously running the certification process is a bit troubling, and points to the need for a single, well-regarded and internationally recognized standard for sustainable travel providers.

In the meantime, the company is providing a much needed service to an expanding and increasingly aware market.

Photo Credit: friedchuckles