Tribes in India to Heal Nature

Yes, you read that right! Tribes in India have asked for a free hand to heal the nature with their expertise and traditional knowledge in order to curb the devastating effects of climate change. There are several tribes across the country that cut across groups like forestry, farming, fishing and pastoral. These groups recently released a charter that included details of effective solutions for curbing the after effects of rising carbon footprint and global warming.

Climate change is here and if immediate measures are not taken, existence of mankind will be at great risk. Temperature is rising and erratic rainfalls, landslides are causing havoc on people living in poor countries. Tribes in India have years of experience in adapting to major changes taking place in climate and landscapes. Tribes also experience disproportionate economic and environmental impacts of climate change and this makes them a valuable resource for obtaining inputs on how to limit the impact of global warming.

There are several organizations that work with tribal partners in India to establish collaboration for climate change solutions. They conduct workshops and meetings for discussions and inputs on the effects of global warming on the society and environment. This collaboration acts as a platform for these tribes where they can share first-hand accounts of climate change and its possible negative impact on cultural, economic and natural resources. This collaboration has made it possible for the tribes to participate in dialogues and policy decisions made on global warming. Climate change experts are of view that new technologies cannot be compared to traditional processes and knowledge in combating this global issue. There are chances that new technologies might worsen the situation and make it difficult to handle environmental issues.

Many tribes in India are of view that they cannot be considered responsible for causing climate crisis. Instead, their years of experience and knowledge to adapt to changes in the weather and environment can act as a valuable resource for bringing significant changes to the climate.