UK Emissions Group Reaches Deep Into Their Pockets for Deep Green

A Swedish based United Kingdom company has finally received the funds necessary to implement tidal power technology that could one day power entire cities along the coast of Northern Ireland. While the United Kingdom is certainly no stranger to tidal power technology, the particular method of harnessing the ocean’s power in this situation is rather unique.

The technology in question this time around is Minestro UK’s Deep Green sea kites. The way Deep Green functions is that is utilizes circular shaped kites that float along with the current and carry small turbines that generate the electricity. The kites functions by operating with a series of rudders that allow the kite to change the speed that water enters the turbines in order to create a more effective method of generating electricity. Since the kites are tethered to the surface of the ocean and require little current to operate effectively, Minestro claims that the Deep Green technology can be operated in areas of the ocean with slower current speeds.

Minestro’s ability to test the Deep Green technology comes from the Carbon Trust’s, a United Kingdom organization dedicated to cutting carbon emissions, decision to award the company nearly $570,000 to set up the trials. The tests will be carried out over the course of eighteen months off the Northern Irish coast.

Should the tests prove successful the company hopes to seek contracts to allow the placement of Deep Green tidal energy kites throughout the United Kingdom. The goal they currently have in mind is for Deep Green technology to account for nearly 530 gigawatts of renewable energy in the United Kingdom by the year 2020. Considering the immense potential the sea kites have for power generation in low speed current regions around the world it would certainly be good news if Minestro gets as far as they are hoping.

Photo Credit: Andrew Hurley