United Airlines Introduces CarbonChoice Tool for Cargo Flights

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Sustainability is the way forward in aviation to make air transportation safer, efficient, affordable and planet-friendly. Global airline companies cannot afford to ignore their environmental responsibility, considering how critically the world’s economic and social development depends on aviation.

To make the business of flying more environmentally sustainable, United Airlines has launched an innovative CarbonChoice tool which will provide its large cargo clients with customized reports on emissions, along with the option to offset their company’s carbon footprint through the airline’s green business partner, Sustainable Travel International.

United has received feedback from its cargo shippers that they are keen to learn about their company’s environmental impact. The CarbonChoice program is a result of the cargo clients’ proactive interest in participating in such a program that can help them include carbon-neutral business practices into their larger business strategy.

United is committed to being an environmentally responsible airline by cutting down its emissions through advanced fuel efficiency programs and supporting its cargo customers offset carbon emissions as well. Last year, United became one of the first airlines to introduce an online cargo carbon calculator that clients could employ to track their individual cargo emissions.

The airline’s partnership with Sustainable Travel International has allowed it to ensure that each one of its emission reduction projects are verified by independent authorities and are registered with recognized carbon offset programs.

United Airlines was named Air Transport World’s “Eco-friendly Airline of the Year” in 2013 in recognition of its efforts in fuel efficiency, responsible waste management, and for its leadership in developing sustainable alternative aviation fuels. It reduced its carbon emissions by 925,000 metric tons last year.

United has become the first airline in the world to fly with split scimitar winglet technology that reduces fuel consumption by up to an additional two percent over its existing fuel-saving technologies. The airline has managed to improve its fuel efficiency by 33 percent since 1994.

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Image Credit: Flickr via mikecogh