Use Earth Day as an inspiration for other green living events throughout the year

Yes, Earth Day is April 22nd and with it there are a plenty of green living celebrations and events paying homage to our Mother Earth; yet this is just one day out of many and even though this fleeting holiday may pass we can’t let the same eco-friendly mentality. While we all should take this as a reminder to think green and adopt habits to reduce our carbon footprint we can also do our part to spread this same desire to others…hopefully once you get more and more people involved it will be green-fectious. Setting up recycling programs where they are still lacking is of course one idea but there are plenty more ways you can get your entire community working towards a healthier earth.

Green living can be fun, and there are still many people who do not yet know of the specific measures they can take to join in or are ignorant of many of their not so eco-hip ways. That is where you can take your desire to spread awareness and add a little creativity too; holding a recycling event, beach clean-up day, or other planned occasion doesn’t have to be as daunting as you may think and in fact you can start the ball in motion with a few others and soon you may be surprised at just how many people are really interested in reducing their carbon footprints and joining the cause. One of the easiest things you can do is to make a pledge sheet or poster and hang it up in a city center or other common place of traffic; you can at the top list various examples of things people can do (think purchasing more energy efficient appliances, turning the thermostats down a few degrees, using daylight in place of lamps, cutting down on their shower times, etc.) and then below that have places where people can sign their name and denote a certain number of specific actions they will take accountability for.

You can go another step forward to spreading green living by getting some reusable shopping bags and painting a special Earth Day inspired mantra or design on them and distributing them at a nearby grocery store. Be sure to tell people just how must waste has accumulated due to the plastic bags they use and discard after each shopping trip and hopefully they will think twice before opting for plastic. If you are adept at communicating and coordinating you could even start up a farmer’s market and help encourage people to shop locally and support not only the community but also cut out some of the enormous amount of carbon gasses that are involved in shipping the same products they could buy in town but which have been sent from places miles away.

Earth Day is a blessed event but it is only one day and it should act as a catalyst to spur yearlong and lifelong movements; you don’t have to wait until next year to start your own green living event and you can take these ideas and the many more that are offered up at if you find yourself left without your own inspired thoughts. One of the best things about a simple act by one is that it often holds the potential to build and become something that touches the lives of an entire community, country, continent, and eventually our world. Be sure to check around the other various Justmeans editorial sections as we all have adopted a special Earth Day theme and how it pertains to the different topics.

Photo credit: Cait Chock Designs