Visuals to sway those living green AWOLs

By now virtually anyone interested in living green knows that one of the leading culprits for carbon gas emissions is from transportation.  Be it by car, plane, or boat, if we are planning on hitting some of the proposed goals of reduced greenhouse gasses we need to think about how we get around.  Ethical consumers out there are taking steps to carpool, take the bus, pedal a bike, and help out where they can as the effort is going to take everyone pitching in.  Still with so many still either naive to the plight of our environment or just too 'busy' to make the necessary changes there has to be some kind of way to sway them.  So perhaps we should call to order a carbon gas intervention to those still battling against the green movement.

We can tell them how pollutant it is to drive their car to the end of the block to drop little Timmy off school instead of simply walking him there (Did we mention you could take the opportunity to bond with the little guy too?!) and we could inform them that the slab of beef on their plate is only adding to the demand for animal products currently providing their own astounding amount of carbon to the atmosphere.  Yet there are the hard headed few that still don't take a subtle, or even not so subtle hint, to start living green and for them perhaps a visual representation may help.  Maybe we should then show them just how much that ride in the car is costing Mother Earth, and that trip for their relaxing vacation on the other side of the Globe didn't help matters.

We could even show them how many trees they could have saved should they have recycled that pile of mail rather than dumping it into the trash.  How much energy are they wasting in their homes due to less efficient light bulbs, leaving their electronics always plugged in, and cranking up the heat?  Yes, we could tell them all those amount too.  Yet maybe if they saw how damaging their little habits are (the ones they are just too busy to fix or things that just take too much effort to stop or change) they may be more inclined to amend their ways.  And we could tell them that one slip off the green movement won't send them to the galleys, but that we will be supportive and forgive them so long as they try to do better next time.  Taking those baby steps to a greener Earth is the best way to do it and get them on the path of the straight and arrow.

Alright, so we've talked a lot, but to get to those visuals and numbers you can go to this fun site: where you can get a widget for all of the noted stats and much more.  Heck you can even find one to calculate how much money you'd save if you kicked that nasty smoking habit; you can get brownie points as an ethical consumer living green if you persuade a smoker to quit!  But the bottom line is, many of us work better with visuals, so if you can see or show someone what their less than ideal habits could be costing the planet they may be more willing to put up with your barrage of suggestions to clean up their act.  Passing on the word of going green may come with a few groans, but it's worth it for the planet and then others must mutely put up with our actions.

Photo credit: Andrew