Weekend CSR Wrap Up

A selection of CSR articles that caught my eye this week.  Sorry for the early post - vacation calls!  Enjoy the food for thought...

Greening the Coffee Capsule Business
-Nespresso, which is the fastest-growing division of the Swiss food giant Nestlé, is working with its 80,000 coffee farmers to show them how to cut back on fertilizers and increase yield. By 2013, it expects to get 80 percent of its coffee from farmers who meet sustainability requirements set forth by the Rainforest Alliance, an environmental group.-

Managers Embrace Sustainability Principles
-“What this shows is that investors recognise that responsible investment is going to be core,” says James Gifford, executive director of the UN PRI. A steady stream of signatories, about 12 a month, has included many mainstream
organisations not traditionally known for their ethical approach to investment. Lucy MacDonald, global head of equities at RCM, the equities specialist within Allianz Global Investors, testifies that this kind of thinking has had an impact on her investment processes.-

Pandora's CSR Box: The Case for Banning CSR
-The problem with boxes is that people often don’t think (or act) outside them. If environmental quality, or human rights, or health and safety, or stakeholder engagement is something that gets assigned to the CSR-box, there is a very real danger that everyone else feels they have been absolved of responsibility.-

U.S. Companies' Continued Investments in Energy Efficiency Good For Business, Say Corporate Executives on Capital Hill Panel
-“As we all work towards a sustainable, healthy economy, it is clear that cost-effective energy efficiency measures are the keys to both improving a company’s bottom line and reducing its carbon footprint,” said Callahan. “Today’s discussion leaves no doubt that lowering energy use and costs are winning strategies for business and for the planet. We commend the companies represented here for their efforts towards long-term sustainability.”-

Opposition to "cap-and-trade" grows in U.S.
-Three-quarters of Americans believe the U.S. government should regulate the release of greenhouse gases from cars and factories to reduce global warming, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll.-'

Walgreens Opens the Nation's First LEED Certified Drugstore in Mira Mesa, CA.
-The Mira Mesa Walgreens offers reserved parking for hybrid vehicles. It also offers bike racks and is located close to public transportation. Inside, skylights and solar tubes allow the sun to light 75 percent of the store. Coolers, freezers and exterior signs all use LED lights, reducing energy use by 50 percent over fluorescent lighting. The store will save enough electricity to power 19.3 homes per year. In addition, the use of native and adaptive plant species will eliminate water usage for landscaping, and 95 percent of construction waste was diverted from landfills and recycled.-