Will Rolls-Royce Go From Exclusive to Exclusively Green?

In the luxury automobile market, the prevalence of electric vehicles and hybrid cars is not nearly as impressive as it is in other areas. However, Rolls-Royce has announced that it is currently looking into just what electric and hybrid technology can do with their iconic luxury automobiles. While there is no way to tell whether the company will be the next great electric vehicle company, the announcement is certainly falls under the category of interesting news.

The United Kingdom based luxury automobile manufacturer announced earlier this week that they would be showing the first all electric Rolls-Royce model during the International Geneva Motor Show coming up in March. The vehicle in question currently goes by the name 102EX and is based off the company’s Phantom model. The prototype is believed to take the massive, gas guzzling hulk of an engine the Phantom is known for and swap it out with some form electric engine and systems in order to create a vehicle with significantly reduced carbon emissions. Exact details and specifications about the prototype are unknown, but the company has said that it intends to test the car extensively throughout 2011 before determining whether or not it will bring the 102EX to production at any point in the future.

With the announcement that Rolls-Royce is preparing to show the electric prototype at the Geneva Motor Show still fresh, news has also been spreading that the company is also looking into adopting some form of hybrid technology for use in their vehicles. While the extent of the hybrid technology may only serve as a means of extending the notoriously low gas mileage some of their models have, it is certainly a step in the right direction. Again, like the electric prototype, there is no official word on whether or not a hybrid version of any of the Rolls-Royce models will be coming into production in the near future.

Despite the fact that Rolls-Royce is not currently planning on pushing their electric vehicle into production anytime soon it is good to know that they are putting the car through its paces with future release in mind. With a high end, luxury automobile company like Rolls-Royce working on electric vehicles it is possible that other companies with similar stakes in the luxury vehicle market will move towards electric and hybrid technology in order to secure their place.

Photo Credit: Flickr