Work, Family, Private Life Why Not All Three?

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Begin with a Vision and picture of what you want for each area and in general for your life. I recommend you examine what is working and not and find threads of connection and synergy between all of these individual areas. This is what I recommend you begin looking at first.

To be fulfilled and successful it's important to manage your time if you don't, it will manage you. Decide what your priorities are regarding your entire life plans. Remember to explore all areas of dreams and build towards similarities between each area of your life. Put them in order of priority to you and give yourself an ample time line for each area complete with your attention and energy. We tend to create guilt and confusion about the overlap of these areas when we aren't present, expecting to be somewhere else when we are where we are. DO NOT wait until the last minute to engage in various aspects of your life. When you plan ahead and give yourself space between one area of your life and another you have time to relax into what you are doing and enjoy it more.

It's important to not over-commit. As we begin to have it all we need to learn how to say no, with a smile and firm conviction. You only have so many days and hours to squeeze in family, friends, and business get-togethers. Make sure you have plenty of time to get your things done first however, and that whatever you commit to is within your physical and emotional abilities. Don't play superman/woman.

Consider the focus of less is more in all areas to allow for deeper experiences and more value in each of them.

As you explore this intersection between work, family and private time you need to accept your limitations and be truthful with yourself. Just because you have an idea doesn't mean that you have to go through it. The more ideas you have the more overwhelmed and tired you can get. Take things one at a time and do it well so you experience the enjoyment and fulfillment. Think about what you really have to do, and really want to do. Then think about what you realistically have adequate time and energy to do. Break things into smaller tasks and put it on paper and stick to it. To learn more about efficiency and strategies for success check out my blog on Fool vs. Jerk.

I find it helpful as well to prepare for events and tasks in stages. That way you can plan your interaction in all areas of your life in and balanced and integrated way. Additionally, you can organize your activities from one area to another and save yourself a lot of time, stress, and concern for you and your family.

See your strengths and vision together assisting you to integrate the three areas together. You are the master of your personal and professional fate. Look with the eye of having it all.