Your Ideal Career in the Global Age

The first step to being successful in your career is to be clear about what you want and what you have to offer. Many times however we are clouded by personal judgments and criticism and lack of evidence to support our goals. It’s imperative to begin building a career portfolio of successes, accomplishments and professional dreams.

There are some very practical steps to attract your idea career. The first step is to make it a priority and to believe it can happen. Begin formulating a plan and do research to confirm or deny your intuitions and thoughts. I recommend researching on the internet coupled with in person dialogue and discussion. It is especially important to work within and with social media sites and to engage with people who are active with where you want to be. provides a tremendous platform for you to meet people in every country in the world and to ask questions and collaborate with them. I encourage all of you to explore how you are talking with people, what books you are reading, explore doing an internship or volunteering and work with a coach and mentor. All of these steps will provide the evidence and information to confirm your focus.

Take an assessment, either written or verbal regarding your personality, skills, career goals, etc. Many can be done on line and administered and evaluated by you. One I recommend is to look back over your entire professional career and identify the skills and aspects of both paid and volunteer service you have had and the parts that nourished and inspired you. Write those down. By translating what has inspired you for work will engage and accelerate your ability to imagine and generate your ideal business career.

I encourage an approach to a new type of resume where you gathering all of your work, volunteer, and activities in your life into one place. You will begin to see patterns emerging that will give you direction and clarity about your skills and the types of problems you solve and the people and projects you work best with. You're putting together a "this is your life service resume".

As you make this list of careers, skills and activities please note your accomplishments and moments when you were most energized and successful. This will give you input as to where to focus. Now go back to all your lists and cross off every task that you disliked. Take a look at what you are left with and look for the patterns. Does a clear picture of your ideal career or business shine through?

As you engage with on line sites and in person meetings I suggest doing informational interviews: Ask people, what careers would someone have if they were doing (the things you enjoy doing)? You have the life of good work and service while enjoying what you are doing. What would you be doing? Who would you be working with, what types of problems would you be helping to solve?

Are you doing your Good Work in the world or are you feeling the call to reflect and build upon this exercise to create something wonderful and new? Some easy ways to begin doing that: take a new class on line or by phone, read new magazines, join a new organization, join a social media community, engage on, volunteer for a cause that excites you, attend functions and events that are new to you, ask different questions and most important of all, believe in yourself and your ideal career dreams.