YourCause's "Industry Review" Report Helps Companies Improve CSR Impact

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – As global problems seem to grow even bigger every day, so do the ideas for solutions and benchmark measurements. The UN’s new Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, adopted by 193 world leaders in September, reflect the growing ambition to resolve the big problems of our time in a big way. With its 17 goals and 169 specific targets, the SDGs need businesses to join governments and NGOs and do their part to improve the world.

For corporations to contribute to these goals effectively, there’s a growing need for them to understand CSR program trends at a deeper level. Companies need to know what programs work, what incentives attract participation, and how to engage full-time workers. Clear data structuring and placement of variance measures are required to provide an in-depth, 360-degree view of CSR performance. Thoroughly evaluated CSR data can then be leveraged throughout a company, to be used for recruiting, employee engagement, marketing campaigns, due diligence, establishing guides and benchmarking, and internal communication.

To support this deep analysis, YourCause has issued a report to help CSR departments examine and shape their programs. Industry Review: Corporate Social Responsibility, is designed to guide businesses in creating a new program or revising an existing one. The goal is the same: to make a larger impact through more effective employee engagement. The data-driven resource provides facts and figures to promote a better understanding of actual employee engagement within internal CSR programs. It also contains thought leadership content to help raise questions, challenge assumptions, and enhance the effective of CSR. Using its guidance, companies can create or revise a program.

Industry Review highlights include this very interesting piece of data: the average donation made by a retiree is nearly 10 times larger than that of a full-time worker. In light of this fact, and considering the swelling baby boomer retiree population, many companies are now supporting CSR programs beyond their full-time employees.

To encourage employee engagement in CSR activities, the YourCause report suggests that incentivizing might prove to be a key strategic tool. Companies can make use of programs such as CauseCards, a format unique to YourCause. CauseCards allow employees to volunteer to one charity, but give the incentive donation to a charity of their choice.

Another standout fact: while 37 percent of companies support international giving, employees prefer to keep their donations local. Half of all donations between July 2014 and June 2015 were given to a nonprofit within a 14-mile radius of an employee’s workplace. This percentage rises to 80 percent when the radius is increased to 100 miles. This data has major implications for how a company positions its CSR programs for the community in which its employees live and work.

There’s much more to think about and learn from in Industry Review: Corporate Social Responsibility. The report contains sections on trends by industry, giving by region, and the current corporate landscape, among others. In sum, Industry Review is an insightful analysis of CSR today that is an excellent guide to the CSR of the future. Download the full report here.