ERRA is a Clean Tech company committed to the commercialization of green, renewable energy products powered by its proprietary reversible hydride technologies.

ERRA Incorporated (ERRA) was founded in 2006 by CEO James Hogarth as a clean technology company. ERRA is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with additional offices in New Jersey.

ERRA’s primary focus is on its high power, long life cycle, “YESS” Battery. This Nickel Hydrogen battery technology is scalable and provides energy solutions for a wide variety of applications including electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, telecommunications infrastructure, wind and solar energy storage, utility load leveling, consumer products and various military applications.

ERRA acquired Ergenics Corporation (Ergenics) in 2009 and Ergenics’ patented reversible Hydride Technology. The acquisition provided ERRA with industry leading solid-state hydrogen energy technology for its growing portfolio of clean technology solutions.

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