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Source Intelligence® delivers supply chain intelligence and supplier data collection and analysis services that support regulatory compliance, sustainability and social responsibility initiatives.  Experts at engaging suppliers and tracing supply chains, Source Intelligence® combines advanced data analytics with powerful visual reporting tools to help clients gain insight into operational efficiencies and spot potential exposure to risks.

Source Intelligence® combines the best of cloud-based technology with a 24/7 Supplier Engagement Team to provide clients with the scalability, flexibility and expertise needed to turn supply chain data into something both meaningful and actionable. Source Intelligence® provides a range of solutions to help you navigate the complex web of inter-relationships between suppliers across the supply chain: from Supplier Assessment and product and/or facility footprinting to regulatory compliance programs that trace restricted materials, identify banned substances or locate the origin of conflict minerals.

Source Intelligence® is headquartered in Solana Beach with additional offices in San Diego and San Francisco, CA.

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