Vigilant Global

VigilantGlobal is a Montreal-based R&D firm that designs and implements high-performance systems for the world of electronic finance. We focus on creating innovative and state-of-the-art financial software solutions that make the technology challenges of today the opportunities of tomorrow. Vigilant Global fosters creative collaboration to achieve technological greatness and innovative spirit in the creation of high-performance systems. We bring together the brightest minds to foster new ideas and implement them with the most sophisticated technology available anywhere.

While we work to design and implement innovative software solutions, we also endeavor to be a trusting and responsible member of the community in which we work and live. Vigilant Futures commits to enriching community life because there is no greater value than advancing the well-being of our community. We are active participants in youth projects in and around Montreal, and help provide the resources they need to access opportunities they deserve. We strive to instill confidence in the belief education is the pathway to their future success.


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