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Driving Conversations About Ethics


We measure our success not only by the results we achieve, but how we achieve them.

We all know that strong ethics are important. We conduct ethics training and talk about our values all the time, but what does ethical behavior really mean in real-life decision-making and actions every day?

The Blackstone Charitable Foundation's Annual Season of Service Initiative

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The Blackstone Charitable Foundation’s annual Season of Service initiative is in full swing! We’re proud to see employees firmwide & around the world engaging with important causes, volunteering with nonprofit organizations, and making a difference in their communities. The campaign continues through the end of December, but the firm’s culture of service is an enduring, integral part of life at Blackstone.

Herbalife Nutrition Foundation Awards More Than $5 Million in 2021 Benefitting Communities Around the World

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LOS ANGELES, January 19, 2022 /3BLMedia/ - The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF), a global nonprofit foundation, dedicated to improving the lives of children and families around the world, announced today that it awarded more than $5 million in 2021. The financial support benefitted 167 Casa Herbalife Nutrition programs across 59 countries, as well as other global and local nonprofit partners.

Wrapping up 2021 the Un-Carrier Way


Even with 2022 right around the corner, T-Mobile isn’t ready to close the book on its 2021 Season of Giving quite yet. The Un-carrier is continuing to support the communities it serves with even more donations to cap off the year.

Generations of Aviators


First Officer Mike DeWalt first knew he wanted to be a pilot at the age of eight. His father, a 26-year career naval aviator, consciously took the time to bring his four sons onboard his aircraft when he could, instilling a love of aviation in his kids from the very beginning. Thanks to those inspirational trips to the flight deck, DeWalt and two of his brothers followed closely in their father’s footsteps, taking on long naval careers before eventually taking a leap of their own into commercial aviation.

People-First Automation: How Koch Is Building the Plant of the Future


People are passionate about many things: politics, gardening, craft cocktails and puppies. For Howard Elton, joy comes in the form of process control automation. “These are the systems that protect chemical plants and people around them,” he says. His unbridled passion is a good thing for Koch Ag & Energy Solutions. He’s the guy who’s preparing the plants of the future.

At Regions, Our Reputation Matters

A video series launched this year features Regions leaders talking about the importance of relationships and trust—with customers, associates, shareholders and communities—and how their teams are working to enhance our reputation with all our stakeholders

“As a bank, we’re only as good as our reputation, and every one of us has a role in managing it,” — Andrew Nix, Chief Governance Officer at Regions.

The products and services that Regions Bank provides are key to its success.

How the bank treats customers and associates and how it serves the people in the community are equally important.

But how Regions Bank is perceived—the trust all stakeholders have in our business—is also critical to its financial position and future growth opportunities.

THE PICTURE: Self-Actualization in Action


When Lynn Penny, vice president of human resources with Koch Global Services, started working for Koch more than two decades ago, she never could have anticipated where her career would take her. 

In her position with human resources, a big part of Lynn’s job is helping employees leverage their skills to self-actualize in roles that fulfill them, and that they’re passionate about. It’s a fitting job for someone whose career has transformed considerably through her own continuous journey of self-actualization.

Creating Opportunities Where We Can Do the Most Good

By Katherine Neebe President, Duke Energy Foundation

I joined Duke Energy a little over a year ago, and one of the main reasons I was drawn to the company is its mission, “to power the lives of our customers and the vitality of our communities.” This strong sense of purpose underpins how the company and its Foundation support their employees, customers and communities through one of the largest clean energy transformations in our industry.

Democratizing Access to Care With Digital Health: Kalia Health and General Prognostics Win the 2021 Connected Patient Challenge

By Dr. Ian Meredith, global chief medical officer, Boston Scientific

In the next two decades, the global population over age 65 is expected to increase exponentially. With this aging population, we will see a rise in the development of chronic conditions like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. People with these chronic “non-communicable” conditions often live with a poorer quality of life, and the vast majority will develop more than one such illness over time.  


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