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Trim Tab Magazine | How Business and Green Chemistry Can Change the Manufacturing Industry

Transformational People

By Joanna Gangi

The sustainable products industry has garnered new traction recently, as more companies adopt sustainable practices in their operations and in the design of their products. It is encouraging to see this surge in the movement toward a more sustainable manufacturing industry. People like Jeffrey Hollender, co-founder of Seventh Generation, and John Warner, one of the founders of the green chemistry field, have participated in this movement since its inception and have been integral to its growth. 

Why You Should Ignore the Internet of Things Backlash and More

Green Builder Media's October 1, 2015 Vantage Enewsletter

Why You Should Ignore the Internet of Things Backlash The mainstream media has suddenly turned against the promised land of IOT-enabled future. Here's why they're wrong.

Using Nature’s Design Principles to Feed Nine Billion

Finalists announced for the world’s first food system focused biomimicry innovation accelerator
Press Release

September 30, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Earlier this year, hundreds of people from around the world took on a challenge to fix our global food system by looking to nature for design solutions. Now, eight finalist teams have been invited to prototype their solutions in an accelerator program that will award $100,000 to the top contender in an effort to increase speed to market for biomimetic solutions to global problems.

The Inevitable Shift Toward a Quality of Life Economic Model

By: Mark Bickford

A new quality of life economic model is developing thanks to communications, green energy and transportation connected via the platform of the Internet of Things. This glimpse of the completely new economic paradigm that will fully emerge over the next 25 years was offered by Jeremy Rifkin at the inaugural Quality of Life Conference sponsored by Sodexo in New York in May.

Caterpillar Turns Fast Fail Into Sustainable Success

By Jonathan Salem Baskin, Forbes

Originally published on

In early 2011, a development team from Caterpillar chanced on an opportunity to pitch its work on its first hybrid-electric excavator to potential customers visiting the same plant in Japan. After four tries touting its environmentally-friendly benefits, however, an unexpected answer became impossible to ignore.

The Future of Transportation: Connected, Autonomous, and Electric

Smart, self-driving, clean vehicles are redefining mobility.

I have just spent the past few days in the Motor City. Downtown Detroit’s long-gone glory days still faintly reverberate from the crumbling brick Avant-Garde buildings, built in a distant glamorous age, but the city is only a shadow of its former prosperous self. Nonetheless, there are pockets of revival—a trendy restaurant here, a group of eager young professionals enjoying a night on the town there, and pride for the blighted city everywhere.

Stronger, Cleaner Concrete? and A Solar Panel that Acts as its Own Battery

Green Builder Media's September 4, 2015 Vantage Enewsletter

New Rock-Based Blocks Said to Be Stronger, Less Polluting than Traditional Concrete Napa-Valley startup Watershed Materials has created a natural masonry that's twice as strong as concrete (7,000 psi).

Searching for Heroes of Innovation

By Carol Baroudi

My company, Arrow Electronics, is likely older than you are. For the last 80 years, Arrow has been supplying components to technology innovators around the globe. We happen to think that these innovators deserve much more ink than they’re getting — and not just electronics innovators, but all the innovators who are making the world a better place. #Whyisit that glitz and glamour outrank brains and breakthroughs? #Whyisit that crime outshines true brilliance?

NS: Advanced Technologies for Improved Service


Norfolk Southern in early 2015 completed rollout of the railroad’s “next-generation” train-dispatching system to optimize train movements across the network and enhance customer service. In a significant milestone, every division on the railroad as of March 2015 was using the RailEdge Movement Planner, a computer software program that is the rail equivalent of an automated air traffic control system. Movement Planner analyzes hundreds of daily train schedules and voluminous amounts of operating data to generate the most efficient plan for moving trains across the network. 

Biomimicry--A Growing Movement in the Marketplace

Reprinted from SXSW Eco Blog by Allison Bernett of Terrapin Bright Green

Biomimicry is a hot topic right now--especially with the emergence of academic programs like Arizona State University’s biomimicry masters degree, centers like the Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University, and now a biomimicry track at SXSW Eco. We have seen many innovative, environmentally-friendly technologies emerge from this process of translating natural strategies into engineered solutions.


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