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That's the Vision, by John Anderson Lanier


To an extent, Thanksgiving bothers me in a similar way. The holiday creates the expectation that all of America pause one Thursday in November to be grateful and offer goodwill to others. I suppose this result is valuable, but wouldn’t a societal expectation of daily goodwill and thankfulness be better than a yearly one?

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Bard CEP & Bard MBA COP21 Paris Preview Podcast and Live Report

Multimedia with summary

Gearing up for the negotiations in Paris next month, Bard Center of Environmental Policy's National Climate Seminar program places a spotlight on these issues for the final two installments of 2015.

CBRE's Climate Change Transparency Recognized by CDP for Third Consecutive Year

CBRE earns a perfect score of 100, its highest ever
Press Release

Los Angeles, November 18, 2015 /3BL Media/ CBRE Group, Inc. (NYSE:CBG) today announced that for the third consecutive year, it has been recognized for climate-change transparency through its inclusion in CDP’s S&P Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI). This year, CBRE received a perfect score of 100, its highest score to date. The annual index spotlights Standard & Poor’s 500 companies that have disclosed high quality carbon emissions and energy data through CDP’s climate change program.

Addressing the Root Causes of Climate Change by Reinventing How We Work and Live

by Nate Hurst, Sustainability Innovation Officer, HP

In two weeks, country leaders will gather at COP21 in Paris for what many believe will be the most important climate negotiations to date. The goal of the event—to create a new international agreement on climate change that will, at a minimum, keep global warming below 2°C.

Ecocentricity Blog - November 16, 2015


Maybe I shouldn’t write this post at all. Honestly, I don’t know. I’m conflicted. For the past couple of days, I have struggled to determine whether or not using this medium to write about the Paris attacks is appropriate. These words seem so insignificant, almost meaningless, compared to the scope of this injustice. I worry that using an environmentally-themed blog to offer sympathy, even genuinely felt sympathy, might cheapen the gravitas of Friday’s tragedy.

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Norfolk Southern Recognized as a Carbon-Disclosure Leader, Benefiting Investors and Communities

Press Release

NORFOLK, Va., November 17, 2015 /3BL Media/ – For the second consecutive year, Norfolk Southern has achieved recognition as a U.S. leader in disclosing greenhouse gas emissions and climate-change information to investors and the marketplace through CDP, an environmental not-for-profit organization.

CDP UK Climate Change Report 2015

by Cathy Granneman, Sustainability Analyst at CBRE
CDP provides a global system for companies to measure, disclose and share information about their climate change risks, strategies, emissions and reduction initiatives. Now in its 14th year, data is collected on behalf of 822 institutional investors – an increase of 100 participants over the last two years – spanning 2000 companies in 50 countries, representing $95 trillion in invested assets. Companies are scored on the extent to which they disclose information (on a scale of 0-100) and on their performance in terms of emissions reduction activities (E to A).

Crumbling Empire: The Messy Demise of the Fossil Fuel Industry

The writing is on the wall for the fossil fuel industry, even though special interests are making a nasty—but ultimately futile—last stand.

Fossil fuel companies might just look back at 4Q15 as the moment in time when they were dealt the fatal blow that finally forced them to release their stranglehold on our economy. With plunging oil prices, increasing carbon emissions regulations, and rapidly growing pressure from competitive clean energy solutions like solar, the economics of big oil are undeniably and irreparably changing.

Ecocentricity Blog - November 9, 2015


So what do alternative concretes, grazing and pasture management, smart thermostats and girls’ education in the developing world have in common? Actually, let me add a few more to the list: biochar, afforestation, micro-grids, smart glass, improved child healthcare, commercial recycling, living buildings and airplane fuel efficiency.

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Ecocentricity Blog - November 2, 2015


Here is why I was as excited as every kid dressed up in a Halloween costume this past Saturday who realized the house on the corner was giving out king-size candy bars: this stadium is aiming to be the world’s first LEED® Platinum professional sports stadium. And I can take public transportation to it. Dang I live in a cool city.  Read more.


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