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Fifty-Nine Percent of Americans Now Aware of Fair Trade Certified™ Products

Fair Trade USA and the Natural Marketing Institute reveal new data on consumer attitudes toward Fair Trade; strong support from Millennials and mainstream grocery
Press Release

OAKLAND, Calif., February 25, 2016 /3BL Media/ – Fair Trade USA, the leading third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in North America, and the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), an international consulting and research firm specializing in health and sustainability, today released new data indicating that fifty-nine percent of consumers now recognize the Fair Trade Certified™ label.

European Style Appliances for American Homes

Thoroughly conceived compact appliances appeal to urban dwellers and downsizing empty nesters alike.

American homes keep getting bigger, and so do the appliances found inside the typical home. But concurrent with that trend is another one, seen in developments such as the Tiny House movement and the increasing popularity of “micro-apartments.”

“Empty nesters are downsizing, and young professionals are moving to big cities with small apartments, and even smaller kitchens,” says Dan Kenny, director of brand marketing for Bosch Home Appliances. “Compact appliances are also in demand for secondary spaces throughout the home, such as a basement or media room.”

An Unrealistic Hypothetical


This is why it’s so important that we increase fuel efficiency in our vehicles. Driving-as-usual is horribly wasteful. It’s harmful to our environment and it forces us to spend money on things we don’t really care about.

Brightening Our Corner

Winter 2016

Biomimicry Global Design Challenge 2016 is Open until May 11th

Consumers Are Concerned About How Much Waste Their E-Commerce Habits Create -- And They Should Be

By Ken Chrisman, President of Product Care, Sealed Air

The New York Times recently shared one conscious consumer’s concerns about how his online shopping habit impacts the environment. His sentiments are something we’ve all likely experienced. We click, we buy, and like magic - a box shows up. Or two boxes. Or three.

Flint Water Crisis Exposes Water Quality Concerns

The Flint water crisis exposes major deficiencies in our national water infrastructure and the safety of our water.

When most people think about water problems in the U.S., the first thing that comes to mind is water scarcity. But the Flint water crisis has brought to light another pressing issue: water quality.

A recent Gallop poll showed that 55% of Americans expressed that they worry “a great deal” about polluted drinking water. This worry is certainly valid, considering the dilapidated state of our national water infrastructure, in combination with rampant cost-cutting measures and patchy water management practices in communities across the country.

What Are The Best Ventilation Techniques?

As high-performance homes push increasing levels of insulation and air tightness, it becomes more critical to ensure dilution of indoor pollutants with whole-house and spot ventilation.

Building America’s Take: ASHRAE 62.2 may not encourage good ventilation systems and, and can promote inefficient ventilation systems that result in poor indoor air quality.

Expert Comments And Recommendations: This session raised many interesting questions, which were discussed in depth by experts. Research is ongoing, in order to provide more justification for either side of the argument. The following text was captured in raw notes from the session, giving our two experts’ varying positions on ventilation.

Four Seconds of Inspiration


Despite our best efforts, separating ourselves from nature is a fruitless endeavor. So long as we are made primarily of carbon, we are nature. So long as we breath in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, we are nature.

As I sit down to write this post, I think my mood can be described best by the following: feeling a temptation towards philosophical musings of the sort that would come naturally to you if we were sipping Earl Grey tea surrounded by many leather bound books. And here we go….

Reflections on Laudato Si - Concluded


“Never before has the world had a document that so eloquently unites ethics and environmental stewardship. That is why Laudato Si was the most significant environmental event of 2015.”

“Show your work.”

Does that bring you back to your high school math class in a hurry? That phrase was a near-daily refrain in mine. It didn’t matter if you intuitively, or by sheer luck, got a math problem right. You also had to offer a proof as well. You had to back it up.

Products and Tips for Better Indoor Air Quality

Multimedia with summary

Controlling the flow of air in and out of the home has a huge impact on indoor air quality, but monitoring potential toxins in materials and products is equally important. This 4-page Ebook from Green Builder® Media can help you with best practices for managing air flow and materials.


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