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Improving Diagnostic Pathways for Rare Disease Patients


It can take longer to diagnose rare diseases than many common diseases. On average, rare disease diagnosis takes 7.6 years in the U.S. and 5.6 years in the UK. Rare diseases such as the primary immunodeficiency (PI) disorders Gaucher disease, Fabry disease, and Hunter syndrome can be devastating, as they are difficult to detect and equally difficult to treat. 60,000 Our U.S. patient assistance programs reached approximately 60,000 patients. We have 37 programs in clinical development, the most robust pipeline in Shire’s history.

Creating a Blueprint for Eliminating Trachoma


After more than six decades of fighting the spread of trachoma in Morocco, on November 14, 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledged that the Moroccan government eliminated the world’s leading infectious cause of blindness as a public health problem.

Sanitary Towels and Shoes Help Children Stay in School

South Africa- De Beers has stepped in to provide shoes and sanitary towels for dozens of South African children to prevent them from missing out on their schooling

The company has donated the items worth R50,000 (US$3,800) to 11 schools in Limpopo Province as part of its 2017 Back-to-School campaign.

Josephine Pieters, Corporate Affairs Manager for De Beers Consolidated Mines, said: “Our campaign focuses on providing simple tools in the form of sanitary pads and school shoes to ensure that children in our local communities can stay in school. It is a response to a real need.


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