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Embracing Change for a Better World

By Jyoti Chopra, Head of Global Citizenship and Sustainability

For more than 230 years BNY Mellon has been innovating and evolving for the future, staying ahead of the trends shaping our world and leveraging them for the benefit of our company and our stakeholders.

Accelerating Technology and Globalized Markets

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Globalization and rapidly advancing technology are reshaping society in unprecedented ways. These trends can open new markets, drive economic growth and improve quality of life around the world.

For more than two centuries, BNY Mellon has been driving and navigating change in the shifting global markets while striking a balance between opportunity and risk.

Invigorated by Change

Written by: Gerald L. Hassell | Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BNY Mellon

Organizations today face a stiff sustainability test. In virtually every industry, constituents’ attitudes and beliefs are changing rapidly, technology is redefining what is possible and companies are being forced to reimagine their business models for the future.

VIDEO: GE & HPE | Leading the Data-Driven Industrial Transformation

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GE Digital is leveraging next-generation machine data at every point in the industrial value chain to drive real-time analytics and insights. Smarter and gaster decision-making in industrial environments reduces uncheduled downtime, increases reponse times, and optimizes the overall management of assets.

Click here to read the full Living Progress Report.

Watch the case study here.

Seven Ways to Introduce Innovation Into Your Company

By Steven L. Blue

The reason innovations fail is not because of technology. It’s never about the technology. Innovations fail because of people. The people who might employ a new technology may not be sold on it. Or they might be afraid of it. Or they might feel threatened by. Welcome to the dark side of innovation.

PT Freeport Indonesia, a Freeport-McMoRan Company, Completes Construction of Papua Airstrip

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July 7, 2017 /3BL Media/ - PT Freeport Indonesia built an airstrip in Aroanop in Papua, Indonesia, in partnership with the local Mimika Regency's Transportation, Communications and Information Office in Papua Regency.

The airstrip and passenger terminal will ultimately be handed over to the Mimika Regency government for community use and access.

Massachusetts vs. New York and the Energy Storage Race

Jobs, State Investments and Innovation Leadership Hinge on Race to Be Number One

State governments are increasingly recognizing the strategic and tactical benefits of legislative initiatives regarding energy storage. As a strategy, incentivizing or mandating energy storage helps states achieve their greenhouse gas reduction goals. This is because increased energy storage capacity allows for increased renewable production capacity, as any over production can be used at a later time. By serving as a buffer between production and consumption, energy storage also helps alleviate concerns about the effects of a rapid rise in renewable energy exports to aging grids.

HPE and Tata Communications Now Building the First Large Scale LoRaWAN Command Center

by Nigel Upton, General Manager, Universal IoT Platform, HPE

HPE and Tata Communications announced at Mobile World Congress, less than three months ago, a new relationship enabling the world’s largest LoRa network deployment, initially targeting over 400 million people. Three months is a long time in the Internet of Things (IoT) world for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Tata Communications. Of late, we have been busy creating the world’s next first. This time we focused on ‘Command and Control’.

The Smart City Puzzle: The Role of Utilities in Next-Gen Communities


The term smart city has become ubiquitous in the technology world, and especially among the energy industry. But what does smart city really mean for utilities? How are utilities, as vital pieces of the smart city puzzle, working with municipalities and other entities to ensure seamlessly integrated systems? How do smart cities allow utilities to optimize the grid, and what does the “grid of the future” look like? 

Safe Tires a First Step on the Road to Zero


If our nation is to eliminate preventable deaths everywhere, it will need to eliminate preventable deaths on the roads. We hope this can begin by using creativity and awareness to eliminate deaths on a stretch of highway southwest of Atlanta.


If our nation is to eliminate preventable deaths everywhere, it will need to eliminate preventable deaths on the roads. We hope this can begin by using creativity and awareness to eliminate deaths on a stretch of highway southwest of Atlanta.


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