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Transforming Telemedicine With XR [Podcast]

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How we do almost everything is changing. The global pandemic is forcing us to reassess the way we work, learn, play, and care for ourselves, among other things. And increasingly, we’re looking to technology for solutions. Innovative technologies like XR, which were once considered “nice to haves,” are now being thrust into the spotlight. Luckily, companies like AppliedVR, a leading provider of therapeutic VR, are ready.

How Qualcomm Ventures Companies Are Aiding the Fight Against COVID-19


Staying connected is more important than ever for all of us around the world, and in both our personal and professional lives. Enter wireless technology: It’s helping us keep in touch with friends and family, as well as work and learn remotely. It’s also supporting life-saving telemedicine and is instrumental in getting people food and other immediate resources.

VR Training for Healthcare Workers on the Front Line and in the Classroom

In this critical time, virtual simulations offer the next best thing to real patients, helping medical professionals and students sharpen their skills and learn new ones.

By Stephanie Walden

In Washington state, doctors who typically deal with elective surgeries turned to virtual reality (VR) to relearn emergency-response skills they haven’t practiced since medical school. In New York City, homebound nursing students watched online simulations to learn how to properly don personal protective equipment (PPE). 

All around the country, both budding and established healthcare professionals pivoted their studies and skills due to COVID-19 — and often, without physically setting foot in traditional classrooms or hospitals.

AB InBev Supports Smallholder Farmers Through the Pandemic and Beyond


Beer is made with natural ingredients – grain, hops, water and yeast. As a global brewer, AB InBev depends on more than 20,000 direct farmers, across 13 countries and five continents, to grow high-quality crops to brew our beers. 

Recognizing Our Best: Dane Dickie


Dane didn't turn water into wine. But he did help turn whiskey into hand sanitizer. And for that, we think he's something of a miracle worker.

Xylem Watermark Donates 40,000 Masks to Essential Water Workers in Rural Communities

Sourcing and donating personal protective equipment to protect frontline workers keeping the water flowing in their communities
Press Release

RYE BROOK, N.Y., July 23, 2020 /3BL Media/ – Xylem Watermark, the corporate citizenship program of global water technology company Xylem Inc. (NYSE: XYL), today announced it is sourcing and donating 40,000 N95 masks to frontline utility operators. The program is providing for the safety of essential water, wastewater and solid waste utility workers in smaller, rural and tribal utilities who have kept water flowing in their communities amidst the challenges of COVID-19. The first shipments of face masks began in late July.

Unusual Donation of Redfish Feeds Hungry in Florida

How Duke Energy’s Crystal River Mariculture Center pitched in to help families struggling through COVID-19

Even though the Citrus County Family Resource Center in Florida has more people to feed because of the pandemic, families will get something special this summer. Duke Energy donated 500 pounds of redfish fillets from its Crystal River Mariculture Center to help feed about 1,500 people. 

During the summer, the nonprofit has more families to feed and fewer donors because snowbirds have returned home – and the pandemic’s economic hardships have made conditions worse.

“We’ve had a lot more people who have never asked for help before,” said Ginger West, the center’s director.

“I Was Working on a Potential COVID-19 Vaccine—Then My Wife Got Sick”: Meet a Researcher Whose Personal Experience Is Fueling His Fight Against the Pandemic

Within a matter of weeks, Ramon Polo's work and home life were completely changed by the novel coronavirus—and he's a stronger scientist and husband for it.

In late January—weeks before many people had even heard of the novel coronavirus—Ramon Polo, PharmD, Ph.D., started to work on finding solutions to fight the virus, which data suggested had the potential to become a global pandemic.

As the Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for Infectious Diseases and Vaccines and Global Public Health at Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Polo quickly began to focus on working with healthcare authorities across the globe to collaborate on the development of both therapeutic treatments and a potential vaccine for the rapidly spreading novel coronavirus.

Supporting Our Global Community Through Uncertain Times

Herbalife Nutrition provides resources for pandemic relief efforts

As a global nutrition company, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to help those in need of good nutrition and critical resources. We are committed to supporting the communities where we live and work during this time of uncertainty. Through our Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative, we are dedicated to ending world hunger and support global nonprofit organizations with nutrition expertise and resources to communities who need it most. During tumultuous times, the need to ensure access to food is essential.

Extreme Volunteerism: Intel Principal Engineer Mike Espig Helps Coronavirus Patients Who Need It Most


This was posted on behalf of Walden Kirsch.  Walden is a longtime Portland-area journalist. For the last 20 years, he has covered business and technology worldwide for Intel. 


This was posted on behalf of Walden Kirsch.  Walden is a longtime Portland-area journalist. For the last 20 years, he has covered business and technology worldwide for Intel. 


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