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Ray C. Anderson Foundation is New Sponsor for “Talk with Green Guy” Show

Press Release

February 29, 2016 /3BL Media/ - The Ray C. Anderson Foundation is the new sponsor of “Talk with Green Guy,” a rapidly growing weekly show hosted by Eric Moncrief on WGST 640 AM, which airs locally Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Eastern with podcasts available at

Urban Solar Design Doubles as a Greenhouse

A solarium regulates temperatures and allows occupants to grow food in this flexible urban design.

Participating in the Solar Decathlon for the first time, the University of Buffalo took second place among the 14 teams with its Garden, Relax or Work—or GRoW—Home. Designed for an urban environment, the home features living space that expands and contracts with the growing seasons and centers on what contestants call a “GRoWlarium.” This greenhouse-­like space can be enjoyed as living space in benign weather and used as a greenhouse the rest of the time. It also encloses, buffers and moderates the conditioned space.

Los Angeles Makes Sustainability Progress with Innovative Plan - The Minute

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Only recently have Los Angeles and sustainability been mentioned in the same sentence. With its polluted air, freeways clogged with millions of single-passenger cars, chronic water shortages, and over-lit nighttime cityscape, Los Angeles has been a poster city for poor urban sustainability—until last spring.

Brightening Our Corner

Winter 2016

Biomimicry Global Design Challenge 2016 is Open until May 11th

Making Zero Energy Homes a Mainstream Option

Green Builder Media's February 18, 2016 Vantage Enewsletter

Making Zero Energy Homes a Mainstream Option Solar shingles and an attractive rebate program are making net-zero homes from Addison Homes appeal to buyers in this South Carolina market.

Making Zero Energy Homes a Mainstream Option

Solar shingles and an attractive rebate program are making net-zero homes from Addison Homes appeal to buyers in this South Carolina market.

Addison Homes is committed to making zero energy a mainstream option, modeling a vision of sustainable construction that’s attractive, affordable and attainable for homeowners. Its 2,700­-square-­foot InVision Zero SC is not only the first zero­-energy home in Greenville, S.C., it is also the first area’s first Active House.

Green Builder Media Announces Hot 50 Products

More manufacturers are using technology to optimize efficiency, comfort and performance.
Press Release

February 23, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Green Builder Media recently announced its annual 2016 Hot 50 Products. Included on the list are products that contribute to a home’s intelligence, durability, energy efficiency and/or resilience. Many of this year’s picks optimized their functions by combining improved design with connected technology.

The Regenerative Generation - A Young Rockefeller Speaks


The Regenerative Generation

by Christopher Lindstrom, Co-founder of Catalyst Bioenergy Group and the great-great grandson of John D. Rockefeller

As I write this COP21 meetings are over, having culminated with a commitment to keep the planet’s temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the path to achieve this goal is still vague with many questions remaining about how to implement.

Solar-Powered Resilient Housing and a Tiny House Shower

Green Builder Media's February 11, 2016 Vantage Enewsletter

Storm Ready Home is also a Solar-Powered Emergency Energy Source This storm-resistant coastal housing serves as an energy hub during emergencies.

Trends to Watch in Alternative Energy

By Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions

In recent years, there has been much discussion of alternative energy moving into the mainstream. While it hasn’t yet shed the “alternative” label, alternative energy’s shift to the mainstream is largely complete and likely irreversible. Despite continuing uncertainty over policy incentives and competition from historically low natural gas prices, alternative energy’s momentum continues to accelerate. In the case of wind and solar power, growth is regularly outpacing projections.


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