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De Beers Group's New Scheme Incubates Wannabe Entrepreneurs

A programme to help budding entrepreneurs benefit from a good start in life has been launched at a De Beers Group Zimele business hub in South Africa.

Thirty-six people from the areas around Voorspoed mine have been identified for the programme, run by TrioPlus Development, a specialist mentoring and training company that focuses on small, micro and medium enterprises.

The Entrepreneurial Incubation Programme in Kroonstad, which kicked off with a four-day workshop, was for people with a business idea with a good chance of success.

Calcasieu Ship Channel (CSC) Salinity Control Measures Project | Reducing the Rate of Wetland Loss in Louisiana

Reducing the rate of wetland loss in the 630,000-acre Calcasieu-Sabine Basin

The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) selected Tetra Tech to complete a feasibility study and preliminary engineering and design for the Calcasieu Ship Channel (CSC) Salinity Control Measures Project to develop and evaluate alternatives to reduce wetland loss rates. Coastal Louisiana has undergone substantial land loss due to sea level rise, subsidence, modification of freshwater and sediment delivery to wetlands, saltwater intrusion, and wind-induced erosion.

HPE and Tata Communications Now Building the First Large Scale LoRaWAN Command Center

by Nigel Upton, General Manager, Universal IoT Platform, HPE

HPE and Tata Communications announced at Mobile World Congress, less than three months ago, a new relationship enabling the world’s largest LoRa network deployment, initially targeting over 400 million people. Three months is a long time in the Internet of Things (IoT) world for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Tata Communications. Of late, we have been busy creating the world’s next first. This time we focused on ‘Command and Control’.

The Smart City Puzzle: The Role of Utilities in Next-Gen Communities


The term smart city has become ubiquitous in the technology world, and especially among the energy industry. But what does smart city really mean for utilities? How are utilities, as vital pieces of the smart city puzzle, working with municipalities and other entities to ensure seamlessly integrated systems? How do smart cities allow utilities to optimize the grid, and what does the “grid of the future” look like? 

Corporate Sustainability Unfolding

by Christopher P. Skroupa

Tam Nguyen is the global head of sustainability for Bechtel corporation, an international engineering and construction company. He directs the overall formulation and implementation of Bechtel’s sustainability strategy and integration process across the enterprise and into major projects. He also leads corporate initiatives, stakeholder and policy planning on a range of global issues, including climate change, human rights, and economic development. Mr. Nguyen serves as vice-chair of the corporate responsibility committee of the U.S.

Elevating Water Services and Achieving Compliance through Integrated Planning


Integrated planning has gained significant attention in the water industry over the last five years. This year’s Strategic Directions: Water Industry Report survey shows that while early adopters are making progress with implementing an “Integrated Planning Approach,” opportunity exists to implement this approach on a larger scale, across the board.

Tetra Tech Celebrates Flagship Program Achievements in the Philippines

Commemorating 30 years of coastal zone and marine resources management improvement in the Philippines

In June 2017 Tetra Tech celebrated five years of achievements by the Ecosystems Improved for Sustainable Fisheries (ECOFISH) project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Tetra Tech and the ECOFISH team used innovative interventions and technological solutions to conserve marine biodiversity, enhance ecosystem productivity, and restore profitability of fisheries in key marine biodiverse areas.

Unreasonable Impact | Modern Energy Could Mean the Difference Between Peace and Unrest

by Jigar Shah

When we think about the things we take for granted, one of the most common is access to basic energy. Turning on a lamp so you can teach your children how to read, watching the evening news, or working into the night on your computer are all basic acts that most of us don’t even consider to be a privilege. Over 500 million people have a mobile phone without a place to charge it at home – a basic convenience needed to conduct commerce.

Unreasonable Impact | India Faces a Massive Waste Crisis, But Not For Long


Banyan Nation is changing the way India recycles and thinks about waste management and sustainability by focusing on plastic. Currently, the quality of plastic recyclate is very poor. An award-winning company, Banyan Nation is building one of India’s first vertically integrated, formal recycling businesses by leveraging simple mobile technology applications. They aggregate informal sector collectors and innovative plastics recycling technology to create “Better Plastic” – good for the industry, society, and environment.

This Company is Creating a World Where Conserving Water is a Way of Life

by Brittany Lane

Based in Singapore, Ecosoftt – Eco Solutions For Tomorrow, Today – specializes in decentralized management of water, wastewater, and environmental services for the developed and developing worlds. Their Water SMART Homes & Communities platform allows property owners and building managers to reduce their water footprint and waste by up to 50 percent, to recycle and reuse up to 80 percent of wastewater for non-potable purposes, and to discharge at least 20 percent of treated water in a way that protects Mother Nature.


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