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Applying Human Centered Design to Solvable Problems

Caring, sharing, and awareness within and beyond the Nigerian tomato value chain

The amount of post-harvest loss (PHL) in countries of the Global South is familiar to many by now. In Africa alone, 50 percent of fruits and vegetables, 40 percent of roots and tubers, and 20 percent of cereals—all of which are staple foods—are lost after harvest or during processing. Fortunately, solutions to PHL exist and with pilots underway attempting to introduce low-fidelity technologies into the equation, the future of reduced PHL looks promising.

Building a Township Tech Hub

Part II: SAP Social Sabbatical Partners to Shape Cape Town’s Future

This is part two in a series highlighting the SAP Social Sabbatical for global engagement in Cape Town, South Africa, which focused on bridging the digital divide in the city’s most underserved communities. Stay tuned for part III, out next week. Read part one here.

Andrew Tremblay and the WWF-Canada’s CN Tower Climb for Nature

Domtar Difference Maker

The CN Tower is an unmistakable landmark in the Toronto skyline. Standing at 1,815 feet tall, the tower held the Guinness Book of World Records’ title for the world’s tallest tower for 34 years.

Green Power in India


VMware India recently sealed a deal with its builders to enable two of its largest buildings based in the city of Bangalore – Kalyani Vista and Kalyani Magnum – to receive 85% of their power from renewable energy. Kalyani Vista will receive wind energy for close to 438,000 sq. ft. while Kalyani Magnum will receive energy for nearly 206,212 sq.ft. from wind power turbines located in the State of Karnataka.

Domtar and the Rainforest Alliance Host Landowner Event

Domtar and Rainforest Alliance Work Toward Better Forest Management

More than 70 woodland owners interested in the future health of forestland, biodiversity and the planet recently learned about sustainable woodland management at a daylong event hosted by the Rainforest Alliance and Domtar at our Kingsport Mill in Tennessee.

Cross-Border Trade: PayPal’s $400B Business

We’re living in a world where nearly everything – goods, services, entertainment, etc. – is available to purchase online. The expansive global e-commerce market affords consumers greater choice than ever before, and offers merchants access to an entirely new customer base. This represents incredible opportunities for large retailers and small merchants alike as they scale their businesses – including payments – to reach online consumers and expand their overseas sales opportunities.

5 Examples of Beverage Companies Tackling Water Risks, Stewardship Challenges


Diminishing water resources is a rising global challenge and many beverage companies have recognized the vital role they play in addressing it. We highlight examples of global beverage companies and associations that have taken action to address water risks and achieve better water stewardship with the help of Antea Group and its global partners.

About Antea Group

How Are You Feeling This Corporate Reporting Season? Take Our Reporting Season Stress Test and See


It’s that time of year again – data is being collected, narrative is being developed, and internal champions are coming to the table, all on a mission to share your company’s sustainability story with your stakeholders.

The Oceans and Fisheries Partnership (USAID Oceans), Asia-Pacific

Developing a tracking system to combat fraud and promote sustainability of vital marine ecosystems

The Asia-Pacific region’s waters are home to some of the world’s most productive and biodiverse marine ecosystems, providing food and income to more than 200 million people. However, these waters are also rife with illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing practices that threaten the biodiversity of the region, as well as regional and global food security. Tetra Tech is supporting the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in a multinational effort to increase the sustainability of fishing in the Asia-Pacific region. 

G4S Publishes 2016 CSR Report


G4S, the world’s leading global integrated security company, has published its corporate social responsibility report for 2016.

G4S plays an important role in society. It’s 585,000 employees deliver services across six continents, which create a safer and better environment in which millions of people live and work.


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