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Bechtel Again Ranks #1 On ENR List of Top 400 U.S. Contractors

Improved transit, expanded access to safe energy, reduced hazardous waste keep the company in the top spot for 22nd consecutive year
Press Release

RESTON, Va., May 27, 2020 /3BL Media/ - Bechtel, a global engineering, procurement, and construction leader, has ranked No. 1 on the Engineering News-Record list of Top 400 U.S. contractors for the 22nd consecutive year. Engineering News-Record (ENR), the industry’s leading publication, compiled the rankings based on companies’ 2019 construction revenues.

The Role of Infrastructure in Re-Opening the Economy

By: Keith Hennessey, President, Bechtel Enterprises

How to safely reopen businesses, schools, and other services is the most immediate question facing local, state, and federal leaders. But restarting the economy is going to take more than unleashing pent-up demand for things we missed during the crisis – from haircuts to hot dogs at the ballpark. Economists warn that many businesses large and small will continue to struggle, and a historic number of Americans will remain out of work.

Smart City by Mohawk Group Is a Path to a Smarter Planet

By Quinn Halman

Smart cities unite people through high-speed technology and connectivity. As cities continue to inspire their own cultures, create personal opportunities, and remain where business headquarters are located, cities are shaping key experiences for the many different people who call them home. Inspired by the city of today and the cities of tomorrow, one company has created a carpet system that highlights the urban environments of the future, made in a sustainable way. 

FCA Heroes Drive Essential PPE and Auto Parts Across North America


When asked if they would continue working during a global pandemic, FCA Transport didn’t skip a beat and it’s not surprising. We’ve all heard the stories about the “unsung heroes” of the COVID-19 crisis: the truck drivers.

Brightening Our Corner Newsletter - May 2020

Ray C. Anderson Foundation's Quarterly Newsletter

Brightening Our Corner is the Ray C. Anderson Foundation's quarterly newsletter.  It features positive stories from the Foundation and its key funding initiatives.


Brightening Our Corner is the Ray C. Anderson Foundation's quarterly newsletter.  It features positive stories from the Foundation and its key funding initiatives.

Utilities Prepare to Power Up as Electric Vehicles Gain Speed

Exploring the utility opportunity

Manufacturers have invested billions of dollars in developing electric vehicles (EVs) for both personal and commercial use. Fleet and sustainability managers are increasingly embracing the benefits and EVs are hitting the roads. But with more and more medium and heavy-duty EVs on the market, utilities must invest in the high-powered infrastructure necessary to support these vehicles’ needs.

Porter Novelli Purpose Summit: Day 2 Preview


This Friday will mark day two of the Porter Novelli Purpose Summit: Committing to Action Amid COVID‐19.

Bechtel Annual Report Shows Strong Performance for 2019

Customer achievements in transit, clean energy and the environment drove the company’s success as global leader in engineering, procurement and construction.
Press Release

RESTON, Va., May 6, 2020 /3BL Media/ - Bechtel Corporation today released its Annual Report showing the company closed 2019 in a strong financial position. Bechtel helped customers expand air and rail transit for millions of travelers, provide zero-carbon power for communities, and eliminate the environmental risks of hazardous waste, reinforcing its standing as a trusted engineering, procurement and construction partner to industries and governments.

Case IH Tractors Play Key Role in Turning Sugarcane Waste into Valuable Commodity


With energy generated from renewable sources predicted to be among the major sources of power in the next decade, a company in the Philippines is tackling the challenge head-on and turning trash into a highly prized commodity.

Biopower is constructing three biomass power stations on Negros, the fourth largest island of the Philippines, with the aim of producing a total of 72 megawatts of green baseload power to feed into the local grid as well as for export to surrounding islands.

Unveiling the Porter Novelli Purpose Summit: Committing to Action Amid COVID-19


The COVID‐19 crisis is accelerating the transformation of business – one that solidifies the private sector mandate of a stakeholder‐first, rather than shareholder‐only, mentality. We’ve kept a pulse on this shift, brand action and stakeholder expectations, revealing that 75% of the U.S. public believes business must take action to protect employees, care for communities and support front-line workers in the fight against COVID‐19. Companies who have rapidly and authentically met this expectation demonstrate Purpose – at its finest.


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