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TUNE-IN: Public, Private, Social Sector Leaders Weigh-In on “The Importance of Partnership”

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Sport, Sustainability and Community Engagement: A Focus on the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games


Sport has a magical ability to unite millions of people across different economic, social, geographic and political lines. You can likely think of several great sporting moments that you will never forget. With those memories in mind, one begins to appreciate the enormous responsibility for the organizers of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games. They have an opportunity to do something special that will impact entire communities for generations to come. We want to know how they’re doing it.

CSR and Social Media: How to Amplify your Communication efforts


What is the key to successfully promoting your CSR efforts on social media? Where is the magic button to gain thousands of likes, RT's, followers, increased brand favorability, and greater stakeholder engagement on social media channels?

Twitter Chat: Corporate Social Responsibility & Communications in the Digital Era


We are excited to have our friends from Dell, @Dell4Good joining us on February 24th as part of a live Twitter Chat. The chat will be hosted by Susan McPherson using the handle #CSRChat. During the one hour discussion we will explore CSR marketing in the digital era and provide insight into the integration of CSR into a broader business & communications strategy.

Visual Storytelling Brings Diversity to Life

How TWC Uses Content Creation To Tell Employee Stories

By Andy Benton, Executive Producer, Content Creation

Storytelling.  It’s a word used quite a bit in communications.  When utilized properly at it’s essence, it delivers a connection and an impact that written reports, presentations, or even slick advertisements can’t produce.

When Time Warner Cable, a company of 50,000 + employees, wanted to tell the story of how our company recognizes “National Disability Employment Awareness Month,” I knew I would only need one special person who you will meet.

Sharing our Story, 140 Characters at a Time

Time Warner Cable Utilizes Live Tweeting for Community Events

By Matthew Tremblay, Communications Specialist

In 2014, Time Warner Cable sponsored or hosted more than 175 community events in the areas it serves.  While many of the events we take part in are open of the public, most are for a specific group of students or kids in an afterschool program. In my role as Social Media Specialist, I have the opportunity to tell the story about our community efforts and the tremendous work of the not-for-profit organizations we work with to a large audience through Twitter.

CSR and Social Media: Making Connections @TWC

Leveraging Twitter to tell CSR Stories

At Time Warner Cable, we aim to connect our customers to what matters most. That includes connecting customers back to us and what we do. One way TWC links customers to products, services and community efforts is through social media. In addition to company news and updates, TWC’s regional Twitter handles tell stories that reflect our local community initiatives, 140-characters at a time.

Here’s How Over 400 Project Managers Used Their Skills to Impact the DC Area - #ScopeForChange Recap

PMI, Taproot Foundation with support by A Billion + Change and HP, host the largest pro bono day of service in history

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