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AECOM Young Engineers Volunteer in India — Emotional Connections, Unforgettable Experiences


"His name is Sunil, 34 years old and originally from the rural Andhra Prakesh region east of Bangalore, [India,]" writes Chris Austin-Berry, project manager based in AECOM’s Christchurch, New Zealand, office. "Born to farming parents, he moved to the city with his wife and children in search of better working opportunities, a common story among slum residents.

Today’s 2013 TransCanada CSR Report Material Area in Focus: Protecting Our Communities

Daily feature from TransCanada's 2013 CSR Report

On June 6, 2013 TransCanada Corporation officially released our 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. The 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report was released during Canadian Environment Week as a testament to our commitment to operating in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner, while recognizing the interests of our stakeholders.

AECOM Young Engineers Volunteer in India — Flames for Your Chai


"Approximately 1 in 6 city dwellers living in slums across India lacks adequate (or, in some cases, any) access to education, health care, financial stability and products that can mitigate some of the risks associated with slum living," said Rosanna Sanderson, an environmental engineer based in AECOM's Brisbane, Australia, office.

Prepay Plans for Electricity Offer Alternative to the Usual Monthly Power Bill

Proponents see opportunity for conservation, but critics warn of risks for consumers.
During the summer, temperatures in the Dallas suburb of Seagoville often approach triple digits. "If you add 15 degrees to the Dallas high, that's how hot it is," says Cameron Donaldson, a Seagoville resident.
Donaldson is among a growing number of electricity users around the country who are buying power for their homes up front, as they would buy minutes on a phone card, rather than paying monthly for power after they use it.

U.S. Corporate Water Risks: Closing the Gap between Concern and Action


A 2014 survey of major U.S. corporations by the Pacific Institute and VOX Global found that 60% of companies believe water challenges will negatively affect business growth and profitability within five years. More than 80% said it will affect their decision on where to locate facilities. This is a stark increase from five years ago, when fewer than 20% of responding companies were concerned about water risks.

IEA Sees Dire Need for More Clean Energy, Efficiency Investment

Posted by Pete Danko
The Obama administration’s proposed new rules on power plant carbon emissions have been cause for celebration among U.S. climate-change activists, many of whom believe the policy sets the stage for a surge in clean energy and energy efficiency investment. (See related story: “Four Key Takeaways from EPA’s New Rules for Power Plants.”)

Kering, SNCF and Wacker Chemie AG among Speakers at the Enablon Sustainable Performance Forum EMEA 2014

Event to Bring Together European Sustainability, EH&S & Risk Decision-Makers in Paris on June 10th
Press Release

Paris, France/Chicago, IL, June 9, 2014 /3BL Media/–  Enablon, the world's leading provider of Sustainability, EH&S and Risk management software, will gather hundreds of attendees from leading European companies along with industry experts at its annual Sustainable Performance Forum EMEA on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 at the Eurosites Georges V, Paris, France.

The SPF is a series of five international and regional technology conferences that bring together business leaders and industry experts to discuss how

Solar vs. “The Grid”

How can we know where—and by how much—power from solar photovoltaics (PV) is better than grid electricity? What does this mean for solar subsidies?

One Method for Any Energy Source

Our approach to assessing source energy efficiency is the same for both solar power and grid electricity. And while our analysis is based on large datasets, the results are actually pretty easy to understand.

Leveraging Better Outcomes

Multimedia with summary

Considering scarce resources and climate change, how does AECOM leverage better outcomes for its clients and stakeholders? Watch as the company's chief sustainability officer, Gary Lawrence, discusses this topic.

Learn more about stakeholder engagement at AECOM in its recently released global sustainability report.

4 Key Takeaways From EPA's New Rules for Power Plants

The emissions goals may be easier to meet than many expect, but the coal industry and several states face big challenges.
The new rules announced Monday to limit carbon emissions from U.S. power plants represent President Barack Obama's boldest effort yet to counter climate change, guidelines that supporters and critics alike cast as a turning point in U.S. environmental policy.


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