A Deeper Look at CECP's Year-End Investing in Society: Planet

Jan 21, 2019 12:00 PM ET
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Investing in Society, CECP’s recently launched and updated compendium of data, research, and case studies illustrates innovations in corporate efforts to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Divided into five sections – Priorities, Performance, People, Planet, and Policies – the collection of insights offers a far-reaching assessment of what leading companies are doing in each of the five focus areas.

In the Planet section, CECP asks, “How does a company's approach to the planet's resources factor into investments, resource management, and sustainability decisions?"

Investing in Society delves into what actions companies are taking to identify and effectively meet stakeholder needs, and how leading companies are striving to build a better world through business. Examples of company commitments to environmental strategy include:

  • In November 2017 CECP found that the main focus of corporate collaboration on disaster relief is most promising when it comes to determining how best to help, followed closely by how to sustain response for recovery and rebuilding. See PULSE SURVEY FINDINGS on corporate environmental strategy.
  • Companies recognized their potential to help in times of crisis after 2017’s unusually devastating run of natural disasters, along with the need for customized, disaster-specific responses. Read CECP’s BLOG on how companies responded to natural disasters over the last year.
  • CECP companies out-performed all other Fortune 500 companies in terms of environmental footprint in the 2017 fiscal year. Explore STRATEGIC SCORECARDS, a performance snapshot of CECP companies versus all other Fortune 500 companies.

Read the full Planet section at cecp.co/iis/.