Arbor Day Foundation Is Pleased to Present Its 2018 Annual Report

Jan 3, 2019 8:00 AM ET
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Dear Members and Friends,

As I reflect upon this past year at the Arbor Day Foundation, one word remains top of mind: impact. We set our sights on responding to global challenges by planting trees at an unprecedented scale. Those issues — air pollution, water quality, climate change, and deforestation, among others — heightened our resolve that if ever there was a time to plant trees, now is that time.

Over the past year, I’m pleased to share with you that the Foundation’s commitment to forests, communities, and people across the country and around the globe has led to more environmental and societal impact than we’ve ever accomplished before.

Our work includes restoring forests with millions of new trees spanning 25 states and 14 countries. A record number of cities and towns now embrace the Tree City USA framework to build vibrant communities. Through the programs outlined in the following pages, you’ll find other examples of more and more people being touched, inspired, and involved with our mission every day.

We’ve learned to think differently and find new, innovative ways to broaden our reach. I’m proud to give a nod to our talented team of committed professionals here at the Foundation who work with our members, partners, and supporters to make all of this happen. Our growing network has uniquely positioned us as a convener, getting the right people and the right organizations together to have the greatest positive impact.

Going forward, as much as we’ve done to change our scale and reach, the global issues continue to grow at an even faster pace. Yet, I’m confident that we are up to the challenge.

We are inspired by what we have accomplished together with our members and partners — restoring forests, building communities, and inspiring people all across the country and around the globe. I personally look forward to seeing the impact we can make together in the new year.

With deepest gratitude,

Matt Harris
Chief Executive


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