#BeatAirPollution with Schneider Electric's Definitive Guide to Renewable Electricity

Jun 11, 2019 10:10 AM ET
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It’s time to #BeatAirPollution.

Air pollution requires urgent societal action, with businesses on the front lines of the fight for cleaner air. Many companies have set ambitious sustainability and renewables goals for 2020, including Schneider — with a commitment to be powered by 80% renewable electricity by 2020. We’re also helping other companies speed up their renewables adoption for cleaner air via a definitive guide to renewable electricity.

The global renewable energy landscape for commercial, industrial, and institutional (“C&I”) organizations has changed dramatically over the last decade. Record-breaking numbers of organizational buyers are now procuring renewable electricity, but determining the right choice for your organization among so many options can be complex.

This guide aims to provide helpful direction on:

  • Why the marketplace is so favorable for organizational renewable energy procurement
  • The variety of procurement options most commonly used by organizational buyers
  • How to build the case for renewable procurement with senior leadership

Looking to innovate toward zero carbon and cleaner air? See how we’re doing our part in the annual Schneider Sustainability Report 2018 – 2019.