Building Nonprofit Technology Capacity Through Tech Pro Bono

Explore VMware and Taproot Foundation's Free Step-By-Step Guide
Jun 3, 2019 12:15 PM ET
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Transforming Technology Pro Bono is a practical guide released by Taproot Foundation and VMware for companies, philanthropies, and volunteers who are looking to offer pro bono as well as nonprofits who are looking to lead their own technology pro bono projects.  In this compilation, new research is combined with the previously released Solution Development Framework to provide a comprehensive approach infused with best practices from the technology sector.

Key highlights from this new compilation include:

  • Detailed guides to all four phases of the Solution Development Framework—Discover, Design, Implement, and Maintain.
  • A deeper dive into the Implement and Maintain phases, which covers the integration and regular evaluation of technology solutions.
  • All resources previously released, including a discovery assessment, job descriptions for the ideal technology volunteers, and more.

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