Chevron Celebrating 140 Years of Human Progress

Jan 17, 2020 8:40 AM ET
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For 140 years, we’ve been enabling human progress, knowing that everything we do, everywhere in the world, is in service of people – generations of our problem solvers all around the globe working brilliantly, collaboratively and inexhaustibly to provide more reliable, more affordable and ever-cleaner energy.

We‘ve been in the business of progress since 1879. From the construction of our first refinery at Alameda Point, we’ve been delivering the energy that drives human progress and powers the world forward.

Energy is vital to human progress and our purpose is even clearer now than it was in 1879. Forty percent of the world’s population has access to only basic forms of energy.

Each of these global citizens deserves access to a better quality of life. Affordable, reliable, ever-cleaner energy – and the human progress it enables – is essential to this basic right.

We believe life depends on human energy.

“We strive to use energy as efficiently as possible in our operations.  Using energy more efficiently helps preserve our finite natural resources, lower energy costs and reduce carbon emissions so that our operations are well positioned to provide affordable, reliable, and ever-cleaner energy.”-Mark Nelson, Executive Vice President, Downstream & Chemicals

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