Classic Philanthropy Funds Good Causes, From Cancer to Disaster Relief - The Minute

Oct 30, 2017 2:20 PM ET
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While some companies are expanding their definitions of corporate social responsibility, others are doubling down on traditional philanthropic practices to make big impacts for good causes. 

Some recent examples include that of the Carnival Foundation, the charitable division of Carnival Corporation, which raised $338,500 for the American Cancer Society with its Relay for Life event. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has donated $64 million to the Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign, bringing the total he has invested in environmental programs to over $100 million. And on November 29th, the Major League Baseball Players Trust will host a pair of events. Major leaguers will build houses with Habitat for Humanity and assemble holiday gift packages for the 177 Houston Habitat for Humanity families who lost their homes to flooding, and also host a fund-raising dinner and auction for victims of all natural disasters across the Americas.

I’m John Howell for 3BL Media.