Companies Are Looking to Scale Their Pro Bono Programs, but How?

Key takeaways from State of Pro Bono: Corporate Edition
Mar 15, 2019 2:20 PM ET
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As the field of pro bono service continues to grow, companies increasingly identify pro bono programming as a critical element of their overall social impact objectives. Taproot Foundation conducted an inaugural survey of companies doing pro bono to collect data on their programs, identify trends, and share key observations for advancing the field. This resource provides information to help practitioners compare their program design and outcomes to peers in the field, and to support them as they work to effectively tell their success stories and achieve greater

Key takeaway #2: Companies are looking to scale their pro bono programs

Pro bono programming is a key factor in helping companies achieve their overall social impact goals— about 64% of respondents reported that pro bono is a very or extremely important part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. As such, companies want to do more pro bono and are hoping to scale their programs in a variety of ways, such as engaging more departments and lines of business, increasing the number of employee participants, and supporting more nonprofits. 

For all key takeaways and the full report–including data illustrating current trends in pro bono programming–download the State of Pro Bono: Corporate Edition.