Diversity Day 2016

The Fourth Annual Daimler Diversity Day was held in June 2016
Jul 7, 2016 2:00 PM ET
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Daimler locations all over the world took part in the event of the Diversity Charter initiative under the motto,"Daimler promotes diversity 365 days per year". The initiative, which was co-founded by Daimler, promotes diversity in companies and operates under the patronage of Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In Stuttgart, for example, Daimler used the anniversary celebration of the Mercedes-Benz Museum as a prelude to Diversity Day. Around 25,000 visitors had a chance to consider the topic of "being different" in an area equipped with a photo box, crazy accessories and a life-sized alien.

Thousands of kilometers away, at Daimler Middle East & Levant in Dubai, there was an international breakfast, a Diversity Quiz and a Memory.

Daimler Financial Services employees showed their appreciation of nature and sent a sign for diversity by planting trees and distributing flower seeds. Because, just as the flora functions and derives its beauty through the interplay of different plants, Daimler needs the entire diversity of people in order to create an attractive place to work and be perceived as a top provider by the customers.

The Mercedes-Benz Plant in Ludwigsfelde chose the tongue-in-cheek motto "Ey Alter“ (Hey, old buddy) for the focal topic of generation management. With information stands, proactive campaigns and a presentation about qualification training for employees of different ages, the plant provided information for about 2,000 employees. "We promote diversity and are banking on the diversity of our employees. Teams, which bring together different generations, sexes and nationalities are known to achieve even better results.", said Sebastian Streuff, Managing Director of the Mercedes-Benz Plant in Ludwigsfelde.

The employees of Mercedes-Benz South Africa came to the office in colorful attire for the event.

The Mercedes-Benz distribution company in Berlin focuses on the topic of "diversity" not only on Diversity Day but through various additional presentations, exhibitions and training measures. Jutta Rump, Director of the Institute for Employment and Employability, has already spoken about the "generation mix".

"We experience diversity on a daily basis in our work and in our society. Despite all the challenges associated with this diversity, it is - first and foremost - a great opportunity. Because, if we want to be the best, we can't do without it." said Dirk Jakobs, Head of the Global Diversity Office. Daimler relies on the heterogeneity of employees to enable optimal use of experiences, perspectives and competencies.

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