Fresh Picked From Local Farms, Delivered to Local Clubs

BJ’s “Farm to Club” Program brings locally-farmed produce to the table
Jul 27, 2015 4:35 PM ET
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BJ’s Wholesale Club supports the small farms that make it their goal to grow and sell quality local produce for their communities.

“At BJ's, we define locally-grown produce as what's grown in the state is sold in the state," said Dominic Viglione, produce buyer for BJ’s Wholesale Club. "Our Farm to Club program makes it possible for us to offer our Members with the freshest produce options while also helping local farmers and growing stronger economies throughout our footprint.”

With its Farm to Club program, BJ’s provides Members with fresh, delicious products from local farmers in their home state — no cross-country trek in-between. 

The program delivers zucchini, tomatoes, butter and sugar corn, green peppers, yellow squash, cucumbers and more. Once the product is delivered to the selected Club, it is often placed out for sale less than 24 hours after being picked at the farm.

One of its nearly 40 partners, Botticello Farms, is the last operating farm in Manchester, Connecticut. This family-run operation provided the perfect backdrop for BJ’s Farm to Club video.

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