Growing a Transparent and Authentic Social Purpose With ScottsMiracle‑Gro

EP 008: Growing Social Purpose With ScottsMiracle‑Gro
Mar 14, 2019 10:00 AM ET

Jim King, SVP of Corporate Affairs and Chief Communications Officer of ScottsMiracle‑Gro, shares insights on how the company cultivates its social purpose to create a healthier environment, help kids get their hands dirty in gardens across the country, and build a more purposeful organization.

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Gardening is not about immediate success or instant gratification. The same can be said about social purpose.

As a company for gardeners, ScottsMiracle‑Gro has a succinct purpose: “helping people express themselves on their own piece of the Earth.” Cultivating a thriving garden takes care, commitment, and flexibility to adapt as conditions change. With that, creativity – and expression – can blossom.

By taking this approach to cultivating social purpose, Scotts has developed a thoughtful, adaptive, and long-term platform for business and social impact. And that’s no miracle.

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