How We're Fighting to Close a 'Homework Gap' That's Now Bigger Than Ever [Podcast]

Aug 7, 2020 11:00 AM ET
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The classroom is years beyond pencil and paper. Internet-connected devices are proven to help students learn, but millions lack access at home. 

This inequality, called the “homework gap,” is a growing problem that’s reached new heights during COVID-19. As schools pivot to remote learning, it’s estimated 12 million students don’t have access to laptops and the internet, meaning they cannot participate equally or at all.

In this episode, we spoke with Alice Tornquist and Dean Brenner, our Vice President and Senior Vice President of Spectrum Strategy and Tech Policy, respectively, about this gap and how we can close it. It’s an issue Qualcomm has focused on since 2007, and Alice and Dean continue to lead our related policy efforts in Washington D.C. Here, they bring us up to speed on the work they’re doing and the most recent legislation for funding student connectivity.  

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